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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-29 10:00:00

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Dave logic on W-L does not make sense based on his reasoning, so what is the purpose of watching wrestling at the end of the day? Why are these performers jumping around pinning each other if W-L shouldn’t matter?

You are conflating issues and making a straw man argument.  I never said that who pins who doesn’t matter.  I said using a neon billboard telling us a guy has been a loser isn’t needed there and by having someone that is on a losing run suddenly win is not conducive to a good product.  The purpose of watching wrestling is to get into characters that interest us in storylines that we find compelling, culminating in matches that we care about.  Unless you believe what you are watching is a shoot, then wins and losses, which are an aspect of real sports, do not matter unless we are talking about wins in a tournament.

A season concept mixed with personal conflict would work in pro wrestling, that is the payoff of the big angle. A season can end at Wrestlemania for example or AllOut and reset itself. Nobody is watching wrestling for story telling otherwise we would be watching GLOW. 

Well, clearly you aren’t.  You watch wrestling with a slide rule and a stopwatch and grade the sport like it’s figure skating.  Guess what draws though?  The aspects I mentioned about.  You do know AEW hasn’t sold out all of their shows right?  The problem with a lot of you extreme AEW fans is you believe that just because you like it, everyone does.  If wrestling presented almost completely as a sport was so popular, New Japan would have a big money time slot on TV.

I've been listening to Taz's podcast since early in the summer. Recently, he's learned heavily into making it known that WWE has not reached out to him for anything, including the Raw Reunion or the Smackdown 20th Anniversary show. He's also recent been making noises about wanting to be a manager, perhaps for an NXT (specifically mentioning Arturo Ruas) or AEW wrestler. With all the opportunities to bring him back for an appearance, why do you think they haven't done so?

I can't say to be honest.  If there is a grudge, and I can't say that there is or isn't, my hunch is that they still remember when he left WWE for TNA.  But again, that is just a guess.

Today there was an article on your site about some quotes from Austin's podcast about him wrestling. He stated he could POSSIBLY. Do one more match. I believe that, the man knows his body but here's my question...not fantasy booking...I am racking my brain trying to figure out who COULD that be done with? We don't need a veteran vs veteran match, we don't need a Goldberg wins the title match, he could go with whomever is hot right now...Rollins, Bray, etc. But why? Put over someone young? Who? It just seems like a ton of risk for little reward. Even financially for WWE . Quick pop at WM, but would sales really change? What are your guys thoughts? 

First off, he largely retired due to neck issues.  They don’t get better with age.  So if it’s me, the only way I would let him work, especially when you also consider his age, would be in a tag match where he could be protected.  I would have that match at WrestleMania since that is the place for it.  That is the all hands on deck super show.  If not there, SummerSlam.  But it would have to be at a big show to me.  As to who?  Well that would all depend on the angle that they book.  It doesn’t matter from a “work rate” standpoint because I don’t expect him to do a long singles bout.  There are just too many factors working against that.

Do you know the average cost of creating the official championship belts used by the major wrestling companies?  I ask this because I was wondering, if AEW's stolen title belt was never recovered, wouldn't they just make a new one?  

They vary in price but absolutely, if they didn’t get the belt back after Chris Jericho had it go missing, they would have definitely had to replace it.

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