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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-09-26 11:44:00

You probably don’t expect athletes like wrestlers to engage in activities that could affect their performance. Some people in contemporary society see vaping as a bad health habit. Therefore, they don’t expect their favorite wrestlers to be vapers. But, this is just a modern presumption. A quick search on Google will reveal that several wrestlers are fans of vaping. Some of them are even proponents of the act. 

Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane, is a famous proponent of vaping. Modern society is constantly putting down vapes and portraying them as the cause of addiction to nicotine amongst kids. However, Kane has come out openly to speak against the notion. He has been quoted saying that vaping is a healthier alternative to the deadlier habit of smoking. However, the FDA is endangering it. 

Oscar Gutierrez, also known as Rey Mysterio, is another wrestler that vapes. You can easily find his vaping images on the internet. There are several images of him with a vape collection on Instagram. 

The Big Show is also another wrestler that vapes. Just like the other two, Paul Randall Wight Jr. likes vaping. He has been spotted with a weed pen on several occasions and it’s clear that he loves indulging in vaping. But, how does vaping influence the health of wrestlers, and why can they start vaping? 

Why Wrestlers Can Turn To Vaping 

Since its emergence, people have always been concerned about the effects of vaping on health. But, the habit became very popular when people heard that it had the potential to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes. 

According to the American Cancer Society, the majority of the 44 million cigarette smokers in America want to stop. Some of these have tried many ways of quitting without success. It’s, therefore, obvious that they may want to try vaping to see if it works for them. In addition to those turning to vape in an attempt to quit smoking, others are starting the habit for the fun of it. 

Nevertheless, some people are using weed pens (vapingdaily see here) as their medical marijuana’s delivery systems. That’s because vaping marijuana has fewer side effects when compared to smoking. It also allows better control of dosage. Today, vaporizers are at the top of the e-medicine products’ list. Read more at Observer for full list of dry herb vaporizers

Wrestlers are prone to injuries while performing on the ring. As such, they may turn to vape as a way of relieving the pain that arises from physical injuries. Others can use it to boost athletic performance. 

How Vaping Affects the Body of a Wrestler 

When a wrestler ingests marijuana via vaping, it introduces chemical compounds called cannabinoids into the body. These compounds combine with the body and brain receptors that are responsible for regulating appetite, pain, emotions, and memory. CBD or cannabidiol is one of these compounds. This is non-psychoactive and it brings about the relaxed and calm feelings associated with marijuana. The other major compound is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is psychoactive and it causes feelings of relaxed inhibitions, euphoria, and lack of concentration or focus. It can also cause drowsiness. 

Perhaps, you might think that vaping weed may not be wise before a wrestler gets into the ring. However, the body produces compounds similar to those introduced by marijuana into the body after exercise. Research has shown that there are high anandamide levels in the bloodstream after exercise. Anandamide is a cannabinoid that the body produces naturally. 

Therefore, vaping weed can mimic a natural process that increases exercise-induced endocannabinoids. And the runner’s joy, whether marijuana-induced or natural, can make exercise an enjoyment while minimizing distraction. 

It’s therefore, not surprising that a wrestler can be spotted with a weed vape pen before they get into the ring. That’s because they want to enjoy the calming effect of marijuana that reduces anxiety. A wrestler may also vape to enjoy the euphoric feeling of marijuana and enhance alertness. 

Vaping weed can also increase a wrestler’s impulsive responses, thereby boosting risk-taking behavior without affecting their decision making. This can be beneficial when it comes to competitions. Marijuana can also boost the supply of oxygen to the tissues and improve vision. 

After performing in the ring, vaping can help a wrestler relax and forget traumatic experiences. These include experiences that relate to activities like falls. It can also help in pain relief and reducing muscle spasms. 

So, is Vaping Weed Safe for Wrestlers? 

You may admire your favorite wrestler when you see them use the best vape pen for weed in the market. BBut, is the habit safe for them? Vaping cannabis may seem to have many perks for wrestlers, but it is not completely harmless. If you ever want to try then always buy quality devices from reputable brands like yocanvaporizer.

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon. Research indicates that it’s still not known whether vaping is safe or less harmful when compared to traditional smoking. Additionally, cannabis can increase heart rate. So, when a wrestler vapes before going to the ring, they may end up reaching their limits faster. 

Consistent use of cannabis can also decrease alertness, accelerate fatigue of the muscles, lower reaction time, and impair short-term memory. Using marijuana consistently has also been associated with a decline in IQ. What’s more, some individuals experience extreme anxiety or paranoia when high on marijuana. 

And, there is the stigma that is associated with the use of cannabis. That’s because marijuana is an illegal substance in some states and people are not allowed to vape or smoke in most public places. Thus, though vaping weed may help with recovery and relaxation after an athletic performance, it is still an illegal substance in some federations. 

The Bottom Line 

Using the best vape for weed may seem like a better way for wrestlers to ingest marijuana before and after performing on the ring. However, cannabis has many effects on the body and mind of a wrestler. Some proponents of vaping and wrestlers argue that vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. However, there is no comprehensive study that has been done to prove this. Thus, vaping weed may have a lot of buzz for things like relieving pain and boosting athletic performance, but there is a lot that is yet to be known about it. 


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