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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-26 09:56:00

FOX Sports issued a press release for their new "WWE Backstage" studio talk series that will debut on 11/5, announcing Renee Young and Booker T as the first hosts.

Young will be leaving the Raw broadcast team to concentrate on her hosting duties for WWE Backstage, has confirmed.    She will be the lead personality on the series and will not be, as of today, handling any regular commentary duties on live WWE programming going forward.  She would not be available for Raw due to the FOX taping schedule but may appear on Smackdown.

We are also told that the studio show will be set to look like it is inside a wrestling ring with yellow ropes.

The show will be pre-taped once a week and will be under the auspices of FOX, not WWE.  FOX will be producing and those working the show are technically working for FOX, not WWE.

Cathy Kelley will be a big part of the series and will split her time between WWE Backstage and WWE NXT going forward.

There have been a number of WWE legends-type personalities who have been brought to Los Angeles to audition for a role on the show as the idea is to cycle different personalities on different weeks.  There may be others personalities who are on weekly, but FOX has not locked that down yet.  As late as yesterday, they were trying different ideas out.  Rey Mysterio and Paige (who each live in California, making it easy for them to potentially  appear) have each auditioned for the series, has confirmed.  

FOX has played with different versions of the show and how it will be presented, ranging from 3 -5 personalities but a final decision has not been made as of yesterday.

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