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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-28 10:00:00

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Did Pat Buck get in trouble with WWE over the Big Cass situation?

If he has, it hasn't leaked out to that point I've heard about it.  The basic consensus among everyone, including Big Cass himself, was that Cass was in the wrong.  I don't believe anyone has blamed Buck at all in how the situation was handled.

Do you think Cass will ever return to the business full-time?

If he can be healthy, sure.  Matt Hardy is a great example of someone who's life was off the rails but was able to work to turn it around and find success again.  There was a time where the fans had written Hardy off, but he found a way to make them care about him again.  Cass is young in wrestling years and I hope he can follow Hardy's path to redemption.  If he can't, I hope he finds his own personal peace and happiness outside of pro wrestling - that is FAR more important than performing again.

Do you ever think WWE would ever use animals again like they did with Jake Roberts or Koko B. Ware?  When I was a kid, I thought it added a cool sense of pageantry.

I don't and they shouldn't.  There's a more mature and sensible understanding of how animals should be treated and used by traveling shows.  I don't see WWE ever using them ever again in a live event setting on a regular basis.  Nor, should they.  I know you said you enjoyed it when you were a kid, but that was decades ago.  Things are different now.

How about Sylvester Stallone for the WWE Hall of Fame?

I'd be all for it.  He's always shown pro wrestling a great respect in his films, whether it was using Hulk Hogan or Terry Funk in films or by showcasing pro wrestling as a hard business in Paradise Alley.  I'd be all for honoring someone who has always honored pro wrestling.

With FOX doing so much promotion for WWE, how long is it before WWE performers pop up on FOX News and will that be something that becomes divisive among wrestling fans?

WWE stars have been appearing on FOX News for some time.  I don't believe it will become an issue that is divisive among wrestling fans, unless they are talking politics on the air, which usually means someone is going to disagree with them, given the heated world of politics today.  Their appearances will be to promote and push the WWE show, nothing else and that will be the primary reason for being there, so I don't think just appearing on the network would be an issue.

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