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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-27 10:00:00

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I was watching some old WWE shows on YouTube and there's a Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase match and before the bout, Howard Finkel, ring announcer extradoiraire, says the New York State Commission have waived the curfew so the match can go on.  Was this a real thing?  Does it still exist?  Why would they waive the curfew?  I've never heard of such a thing.

The curfew was a real thing that was enforced by the New York State Athletic Commission in the past.  In recent years, they have gone back and forth on it.  Basically, they wanted the shows over by a certain time.  In the case you are talking about, WWF went to the Commission because the show was running late (and airing live on the Madison Square Garden Network) asking for permission so fans didn't get ripped off out of a main event and the Commission, probably since they were making a big percentage from the gate, agreed.

I was wondering if that Commission still enforces actual rules?  Does wrestling really get policed?

They do.  I can tell you, from having seen it firsthand, that today, the New York States Athletic Commission has and will demand no breaking of tables, no fighting outside the rails, no blood, no use of weapons and other things of that nature.  It gets mostly enforced on independent shows as they trust WWE to police themselves.    The Commission was giving AAA a hard time at their show a few weeks back in NYC.  But beyond that, they require pre-show medicals for all talents performing, which I think is important.

As far as other commissions, it depends on the State.  Louisiana and Maryland are known for having strict Commissions, banning blood and even piledrivers in the case of LA.  I don't have a problem with a Commission overseeing shows as long as they are actually doing it, versus just showing up to take their cut of the money.

The AEW Tag Team tournament has been revealed, so who do you have as Champions?  Who should win?

Honestly, if it was me booking, I'd have the Young Bucks eliminated by Private Party immediately.  It gives Party a shock win and puts them over.  Then, I go with the team that I feel has made the biggest impression on fans since they debuted, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.  I feel like those characters and their work in the ring has really made a lot of fans fall in love with them and become emotionally connected to them.  I'd go all the way, having them defeat Dark Order in the finals so they can get a win back over Order and have fans follow their journey to the titles.  Then you can have SCU, Best Friends, Private Party and The Bucks all chasing them.

I know Dave always ribs you about the wrestling play Chad Deity, but it made me wonder if you think there could ever be a wrestling show on Broadway?

There actually was on. Teaneck Tanzai, which starred singer Deborah Harry and the late Andy Kaufman played the Nederlander Theater in NYC and closed on opening night.  So, there could be, but only if it did a hell of  a lot better than Tanzai did.  I love the hell out of Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity and think it would be AWESOME if Circle in the Square Theater housed it, as you could have a wrestling ring in the center of the theater, but it takes a lot to mount a Broadway production, both from a financial and marketing perspective..  

I watched your CM Punk interview on FITE and wondered what sort of limitations were made on your questioning of him.  I loved the interview and wanted more, but you always wonder what's beneath the surface.

In this case, nothing.  I had zero limitations.  I asked him about two minutes before we went out what he wanted to talk about and he said, "Let's live in the moment" so that's what we did.  

I saw that some theater is playing No Holds Barred.  Doesn't WWE have to approve that?

No, I don't think they have the power to step in and prevent someone who owns a print of the film from showing it once it's been cleared.  Public screenings of that sort are usually cleared legally before they are announced.  I actually think WWE should send a camera crew to the screening to document it and interview fans and maybe even host a Q&A with it.  To me, that sounds like some fun content for the WWE Network or their YouTube channel.

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