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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-25 10:00:00

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With so much optimism and movement going on in the wrestling world by different companies, should current and former fans breathe a sigh of relief that as of today, everyone's favorite punching bag, Vince Russo, is nowhere to be seen or heard around these companies?  WWE has the huge TV deals and NXT will be on TV soon.  AEW will be on TNT, Impact will have a new home as well.  ROH & MLW put on a good product and seem stable.  Heck, even the NWA will be doing studio tapings soon and all of them reached out to past & current stars to be a part of this upswing.  However, I have yet to hear of one company who has fallen for the Vince Russo charm.  I'm sure I am not the only one thankful even though he comes across as bitter for being left out.  Your thoughts?

I hadn’t really thought about it until you sent this but yes, I agree that it is a great thing that with all that’s going on in wrestling that no one has brought Russo in.  I think the business is always better off without him in it.  He has done enough already.  If he is bitter, and I don’t know if he is or not because I don’t follow anything he says or does, well there’s only one person to blame for that, Vince Russo.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Yes, it’s @davescherer.

Ok so you don't like the W/L record thing.  If AEW or anyone else does it do you think it would make more sense if they went by actual seasons?  Surely it would be easier to book that way.  I think the idea of W/L records could add new and fresh storylines if booked well.

I think I actually hate that more.  Seasons?  What makes the season end?  Why does it end?  Is there a prize for winning the season?  Nah, I hate it.  Wrestling is NOT A SPORT.  It never sells when it’s marketed as a sport.  New Japan would be on a major network if the fans wanted to watch a work presented like an actual sport.

In your most recent Q and A you talked about your dislike for w-l and that it hampers a booker but does it matter if we see the numbers or not if Orange Cassidy, to take your example, loses a lot and then wins a title out of nowhere, does it matter if we know what his actual record is or not it's still going to be a loser winning a title. It's like having Zack Ryder win the IC title at Mania. So, in the end, doesn't this mean that what really hampers the booker is the booker?

Of course it comes down to the booker and the booking.  If you just pull a surprise Title on a guy who wasn’t in the hunt, records don’t matter.  That isn’t the point I am talking about though.  What I am saying is that it takes a lot of long term planning if you are going to do wins and losses and tell the people about them.  As a hypothetical, let’s say Kenny Omega hates AEW and that is why he said what he did about NXT, say he wants to get fired.  Then hypothetically Tony Khan says there is no way he will let him out of his deal to go to WWE or New Japan, so Kenny goes 2-18 in his next 20 matches.  Then Tony and Kenny make up.  You want to put him in the title picture.  You can’t do it right away or it looks bad.  Without the record, Kenny can win a few matches, score a non-title win and he’s right in the Title picture. 

Is John Cena stuck at 16 World Titles do you think? Part of me thinks he will be happy to remain equal to Ric Flair’s record.

I think at this point, the only way he gets another one if it’s like when Goldberg won it last year or they really need him due to some kind of circumstance like injuries.  He is trying his hand at acting

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