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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-24 10:00:00

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With Kenny Omega's RIDICULOUS comments about NXT performers and the backlash that has followed, do you think the best course of action for AEW might be to just roll with it and have him go full on arrogant heel?  I think they can turn it into a positive from a storyline perspective in a feud with Moxley who is potentially their biggest star.

They can make him an arrogant heel (which I think he would be good at) but I hope it’s not done by having him shoot on NXT.  That would be a big mistake.  But if they just want Omega to be an arrogant heel, that is fine by me.

I thought Ronda Rousey did a great job in WWE considering that it was all new to her.  Should we expect her back in a WWE ring?  If so, when?

I think there is a solid chance she will come back.  She liked her time in the ring.  But time will tell.  I don’t have a timetable.

With Brock Lesnar facing Kofi for the WWE Title on the first airing of Smackdown on Fox, which scenario do you think is more likely, and which scenario do you think is smartest for WWE to do: 1) Brock beats Kofi (squash or after hard fought match) and becomes the part-time champ he was on Raw; 2) Kofi beats Brock and is solidified as a legit champion; 3) someone interferes in the match that makes Brock look dominant but keeps the belt on Kofi. 

I will go with a scenario you didn’t mention, and it’s predicated to Brock being mostly full time for at least the next few months.  Brock beats Kofi in a hard fought, NXT style “the guy looks better in a loss than he did going in” kind of match.  Brock holds the belt for the next few months, giving FOX a big name star to get eyeballs on the new home.  Then, when he loses it he does so in a way that puts over whoever he does the job to.  Normally I wouldn’t be a big fan of going back to Brock but they need to start strong on FOX and Kofi just doesn’t mean the same thing to the masses as Brock does, so for the sake of business I would run with him, as long as he were willing to work full time or close to it for a while.  With the new TV money, WWE can afford to pay that tab.

Do you find it weird that the letters “AEW” were never mentioned in the HHH call?

Not at all.  WWE asked reporters to keep the questions to NXT and going on USA.  The reporters respected that.  Since WWE hosted the call, they had every right to ask that people don’t bring up AEW.

Let's jump to conclusions! Vince has missed two tapings, though he WAS in communication. Stepping back???  (That's the jumping to conclusions part) Or, is he just busy with the XFL or getting ready for the new shows at the office as opposed to on the road?

He has a busy schedule.  He is not stepping back, especially not as he is trying to establish Smackdown on FOX.

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