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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-22 10:00:00

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I can't believe Kenny Omega's comments saying NXT talent would be in a dark match on a card he headlined. In all fairness, didn't Kenny Omega wash out of the WWE developmental system? And what are your professional opinion on his comments?

First no, he didn’t wash out of WWE Developmental.  He didn’t like being there so he requested his release as he didn’t like the way Bill DeMott and Jody Hamilton ran Deep South.  I respect his decision there to be honest.  As for his comments, they are absurd, no matter how you look at it.  If he actually meant them, he is clueless because right now NXT’s roster is far superior to AEW’s.  Right off the bat I think that Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole are actually better overall American pro wrestlers than Omega is, so they would be over him on the card.  He would appear before them most of the time unless he was in a title match.  There are other talents on the roster that are at least his equal as well, but I went with the three that I think most impartial observers would agree with me on. If he was working, well he is an idiot because the idea of a work is to draw money and NXT is not going to work with AEW so no money will be drawn.  If he was trying to get heat, well it may have worked with the fans AEW already has, but as you can see below….

I was excited about AEW when they first announced the promotion.  The more arrogance that I heard from Tony Khan and Cody the less excited I got. Then Kenny Omega was a total jerk to NXT in the video you posted on the site. What is your opinion on what he said and have you heard from anyone else like me that will not watch them now?

I voiced my opinion above, it was ridiculous and patently untrue.  And no, you are not the only person I have heard from that now will not be watching AEW.  In fact, some people have written me saying “F Them” and “I hope they get canceled right away”.  I don’t hope for that but I wish that Tony Khan could do a better job of sending the right message out to the prospective fans.  Matt Jackson does a great job of it.  Omega and Cody?  Not so much.

How do you think the AEW office felt when they heard about NXT’s rating? 

It would depend if they were on the record or not. On the record I think they would say that it shows there is an audience on a Wednesday night and they plan to get a piece of that.  Off the record?  Well if they don’t realize how tough their task will be starting on October 2nd then I think someone needs to smarten them up.

What do you think of the first NXT rating?

I think it was a great start.  In my head I thought anything over a million viewers would be a strong start, and they crushed that.  I think it’s a great number.  Now we will see what happens when AEW hits TV, whether it bring viewers with them or they will fight over the about 1.2M that NXT drew.

Is it true Kenny Omega wrested a 9 year old girl?

Yes he did, in Japan in 2011.  You can watch it below.

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