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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-21 10:00:00

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Why would Impact Wrestling bring back Mahabali Shera?

Their number one revenue source in recent years has been their India TV deal, so why wouldn't they?

So is it safe to say that Lesnar winning the title on the first SmackDown on Fox was going to be the plan from the second the Fox deal was announced? (and same deal with Rousey if she was healthy and active)... seems incredibly predictable?

I think it's pretty obvious that the idea was Lesnar would appear so they could give their new TV partner a massive attraction for the first episode.  That's called good business.  You want to make your partners happy.  As to whether Brock is around more often, my guess is he will be, but time will tell.

Also, how much influence will WWE’s TV partners have on the storylines? By that, I mean I know they are having yet another draft and are promoting brand exclusivity for talent, but the second ratings for SmackDown go down a fraction of a point, or same deal on Raw for that matter, will the Fox/USA execs call Vince and tell them they want so-and-so talent on their show as well, Vince tells his creative team to come up with some sort of new wild card deal, and we are right back where we started?

It remains to be seen, but WWE isn't getting paid over $200 million a year for TV in order to just put in an "eh" effort.  FOX will be giving them feedback and suggestions regularly, just as NBC has for many, many years.  If either of them feel there is a problem, WWE will know.

Why is the AEW TV show titled Dynamite?  Is it a reference to WCW Nitro?

We are told the name was a Tony Khan creation and the name of the TV long predated the name of the promotion or any talents brought in.

Where did Vince McMahon get the name Titan Sports back in the 80s.

It came from the novel Raise the Titanic.


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