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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-20 10:00:00

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What did you make of Kenny Omega trashing pretty much the entire NXT roster?

If he actually meant it, it was pretty stupid, because if there's one aspect of WWE that the same fans AEW wants to cultivate as their own love, it's NXT.  My guess is Omega did it to bait people into responding to get attention for the brand, but to me, it's a 21st century version of cheap heat, no different than Eric Bischoff giving away finishes to matches.  It may elicit a reaction in the moment but it doesn't age well.  I'd prefer to see everyone stay above that and just put the best product on, but when you go to war, you try to win by any means necessary.  But, I wasn't a fan of him slagging on NXT's workers, no, especially since AEW would be the first to want to hire many of them if they were on the free market.

What did you think of the first USA NXT?

Richard Trionfo and I had a 60 minute discussion of the first USA Network episode in the Elite section.  It was a thumbs up show.  I think if you were a viewer who craved action, you got it.  I think if you had never seen NXT before, you were tossed in the deep end of the pool trying to figure out what was what but it wasn't hard to figure out.  My only personal critique was that I wouldn't have had an interference ending on the first episode myself, because you want people to believe this is different from all the other WWE shows, but here was another finish we've seen countless times.  That was my only small criticism.  The energy of the building was fun and frenzied.  I enjoyed the show because it was FUN, which is what wrestling is supposed to be.  If they can maintain that weekly and AEW does that as well, Wednesdays are going to be the best night of the week for pro wrestling fans.  

When does Marty Scurll's ROH contract end?

We have heard late November.

Any update on Matt Taven?

He and ROH are talking.  We have not heard of him going anywhere else.

Why are the Rock N' Roll Express booked for New Japan shows?

I would love to know that as well.  it's a weird, fun idea that came out of nowhere.   I am fine with it, but it's certainly out of the ordinary.

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