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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-19 09:59:00

I was wondering what Terry Funk is up to? 

Sadly, Funk has dealt with some health issues in recent years and that, compounded with the death of his wife earlier this year, has pretty much led to Funk pulling himself from all appearances to stay close to home.   Obviously, he's beloved by everyone and I really, sincerely hope that he finds some peace after a rough few years.  If anyone deserves that, it's someone like Terry who gave so much of himself to professional wrestling to make it better.

Do wrestling companies keep track of names they've already used for enhancement talent? If so, how? I'd think in the decades of squash matches there'd be people who wanted to use names that were already taken and ended up being announced as their seventh choice. 

I am pretty sure that it's just by memory, although WWE does keep a database of wrestlers who have worked for the company.

Followup: What's the process for coming up with the names? Is it part of the regular creative meetings? 

Some of it is just ideas pitched by talent while others would come from WWE's Creative Services department.

Who came up with these XFL Team Names?

They were created by WWE in-house and then Vince McMahon made the final decision.

Is XFL housed in WWE's offices?  Are they in Titan Tower?  Were they in 2001?

No, they are across the street from WWE's new HQ in Stamford.  They are not housed at the Tower.  The original incarnation of the XFL was, but it was also run by WWE.  The current XFL was launched with the assistance of WWE'S infrastructure but has been more and more independent as they have hired their own staff and executives.  

Could we see XFL games archived on the WWE Network?

Sure, it's possible.  Anything WWE produced or owns is pretty much within possibility.

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