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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-16 01:09:00

While Ric Flair has been very open about his recent issues with WWE over their usage of "The Man" regarding Becky Lynch and his belief that he should be paid accordingly for the usage, he is still slated to be at this Tuesday's Smackdown taping.

Flair and his daughter, Charlotte Flair, are being advertised as taking part in a Q&A for WWE sponsor Crickett Wireless live from backstage at the Smackdown event in Atlanta, with the Q&A streaming live on Crickett Wireless' Facebook page and other social media platforms at 12 PM Eastern.  That could make for an interesting session.

Flair remains advertised for the 10/4 Smackdown Live debut on FOX from Los Angeles as well.

Sean Weymouth sent the following....During a Tide Commercial Sunday night continuing Tide’s campaign promoting Sunday as laundry night and not football night (playing off of Sunday Night Football being called football night in America) Ric Flair had a cameo giving his famous Wooo.

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