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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-17 10:00:00

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Whose idea was it to have the women compete in matches such as Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, the MITB ladder match and the Royal Rumble match?

The WWE creative team on the whole.  They decided that women are the equal of me, and should be put in the same positions.

I read the Q&A where you were asked about AEW presenting their product more like a real sport and possibly using stats, W/L records, etc.  The person asking the question gave examples of records showing 3 top guys with losing records.  You stated you wouldn't wanna see stats like that because it would present those guys as LOSERS.  I get your point, but doesn't seeing actually W/L records and other stats make more sense than attack somebody and get a title shot, 3 former champs come out and argue over a title shot, or any of the other tired ways things are booked in professional wrestling?  Plus with AEW wanting to be an alternative I think it's a great idea.  I've never seen it in wrestling and I think it could be a nice change of pace.  Obviously logic would still apply and you'd wanna book top guys to have winning records, but a guy with a losing record upsetting a top talent could make for good storytelling.

Again, I don’t agree.  If, say, Orange Cassidy is 3-23 and get gets a Title shot, it’s a joke to me.  If he then wins the Title, it’s an even bigger joke.    If it’s down the road, and a guy is 71-83 and wins the Title, well if he was on a 10 win streak you could tell a story about it, but I will stick with my initial take.  It’s a worked business, not a real sport.  If “real sport” was a huge draw, amateur wrestling, and even New Japan, would be on a major network in prime time.  The records just hamstring a booker in my opinion.  If you have a guy with a really bad record and want to heat him up, you have to spend a lot of time having that person win first in order for it to be believable.

Ok, maybe I am missing something, and you may have already addressed it.  I don't watch Raw, Smackdown or ROH live.  If I hear of something I think will be good, I will watch it on DVR.  If not I don't bother.  AEW and NXT will probably be more of the same for me, so how does ratings work with someone like me?

First off, unless you are a Nielsen home your viewing doesn’t mean anything because it’s not being recorded.  If you are in a Nielsen home, if you watch any of the shows the next day it goes in the plus 7 day viewing category.  That doesn’t mean much to advertisers since they want you to watch it in the same day period.

Why does Vince pay for such a big roster?  Take people like Lio Rush and the Ascension, Rusev and Lana—why is Vince keeping them around, paying them a good salary when he never uses them?  Aren’t people like that just stealing money?  How is it good business to pay wrestlers and not use them? (This is all assuming they are not hurt).

In the old days it was because he wants a large roster for whenever he needs them.  Their money isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things for the company, especially with the new TV deals.  Now, there is also the element of keeping that talent away from AEW.

Does The Elite own the rights to the original ALL IN show? Or does Ring of Honor?

ROH, who has the show archived on Honor Club.

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