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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-16 10:00:00

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Who would you like to see in War Games in November?

I have posed this on audio in the past so I will share it here.  One obvious four man team?  The Undisputed Era.  They make perfect sense to be in the match.  I expect we will see NXT UK talent come in to NXT proper now that they are on USA.  I would love to see Imperium come to Florida and attack the Era, setting up their spot.  After that, I could see Imperium destroying Pete Dunne due to their past interactions, which would lead to Tyler Bate and Trent Seven coming over to support their ally.  But they would still be a man short.  Who better to join the UK’s top babyface than NXT’s top guy, Johnny Gargano.  Will it happen?  I don’t know.  Do I want to see it?  Absolutely.

I've read that both KO (on y'alls site I believe) and Daniel Bryan (from a less reputable site) may be going to NXT, or possibly 205 for Bryan, and I had a few questions pop into my head and wanted y'alls thoughts.

We have talked about the possibility of KO showing up on Wednesday due to his “firing”.  I think HHH wants to start out strong on USA so having KO join his roster after being “fired” makes perfect sense to me and would start the show out hot for fans that don’t already know about NXT that are watching for the first time.  They know KO so it would give them familiarity.  Again, will it happen?  I can’t say at this point.  

Is this a move to put bigger names on NXT for the purposes of going up against AEW?

Absolutely, any move of that kind that is made is to help NXT take on AEW.  That is smart on WWE’s part.

Given the somewhat stiffer in-ring style of NXT and the inherent riskiness of the cruiserweight style of 205, is this a good idea for Bryan from a potential health risk perspective?

I don’t see any good reason to put Bryan on 205 Live.  It’s a Network product.  Now if he went to NXT, that would make sense (provided they do it in the right storyline way).  I think Bryan would be fine.  He wouldn’t have to wrestle killer matches on TV every week and NXT runs fewer Takeovers than WWE does PPVs, so it could actually be a good move for him.

While I'm sure that they would have great matches on the other brands, should they feel slighted if they're moved to what are basically the lower brands?

It depends on whether it’s their choice or not.  If Bryan or KO said, “I want to go there and help make the brand a success on USA” then there is nothing to feel slighted about.

Do they have any say in the matter?

Lower card guys?  No.  Upper card talents would definitely be consulted.  There are a lot of positives to going to NXT (if it’s for the same money).  Travel is much less since the shows will be in the same place every Wednesday (at least for now), and they don’t tour as extensively as Smackdown.

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