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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-11 18:36:00

We are in Cardiff, Wales and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph.

We begin with Imperium making their way to the ring.

Marcel says their arrival in NXT UK was necessary. Your champions, just like your nation, is a symbol of weakness. You may not comprehend why you need us, but you will learn, accept, and respect our rules, our teachings and our way of life.

Alexander says Imperium are here to protect the honor of the mat and we are here to protect the honor of our sport. If you don’t believe and you reject, you will experience suffering. You will fall.

WALTER says at NXT UK Takeover, in Cardiff, he disposed of Tyler Bate. We disposed of British Strong Style. There’s no one left to step up to this group of supreme athletes. You all need to accept that we are your future. I am your WWE United Kindgom champion. This is the era of Imperium.

Match Number One: Danny Jones and Harry Green versus Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner (with WALTER and Alexander Wolfe)

Barthel and Aichner attack before the bell and Green is sent to the floor. The referee checks on Jones to see if he wants to continue and the referee starts the match. Barthel with punches and kicks to Jones. Barthel with more punches and head butts. Barthel with another punch and Irish whip followed by an uppercut and suplex. Barthel with a running kick to the chest.

Barthel picks up Jones and Aichner tags in. Aichner with a forearm to the back and he kicks Jones in the head. Aichner with a short arm clothesline and he kicks Jones in the back and head. Aichner with a back breaker and he holds on for another back breaker. Aichner slams Jones into his corner.

Green tags in and Aichner with a knee to the midsection and he sends Green into the turnbuckles. Aichner with a chop and Barthel tags in. Green with elbows in the corner but Barthel blocks a kick and avoids an enuigiri. Aichner with a wheelbarrow DDT with help from Barthel. Barthel takes Jones and sends him to the ropes and Barthel and Aichner with running drop kicks. Barthel slaps Green and Aichner tags in. Barthel goes to the turnbuckles for a European uppercut and power bomb combination for the three count.

Winners: Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

After the match, WALTER slaps Jones and Wolfe holds Jones for a running clothesline from WALTER.

We take a look back at last week’s match between Sid Scala and Kassius Ohno.

We go to comments from Sid Scala. He says in his return to in ring competiton, Kassius Ohno was underhanded with his victory. He is still the assistant to the general manager. He has asked Johnny Saint for a rmatch. Ohno says he is the best British wrestler and it will be a British Rounds match. Sid says he will be ready.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we will have a press conference with Noam Dar.

Match Number Two: Jordan Devlin versus Ashton Smith

They lock up and Devlin with a wrist lock. Smith with a reversal. Devlin slaps Smith but Smith blocks a second slap and connects with forearms and follows with a shoulder tackle and clothesline. Devlin goes for a sunset flip but Smith picks up Devlin and hits a drop kick. Smith with a back body drop and Devlin goes to the apron to regroup. Devlin pulls Smith into the ropes. Devlin kicks Smith.

Devlin with punches and then he blocks a kick and chops Smith. Devlin with a forearm to the kidneys. Devlin with a seated abdominal stretch. Smith with a punch but Devlin with a uranage and he goes for the standing moonsault but Smith gets his knees up. Smith with an Irish whip and running boot into the corner followed by a flying boot.

Smith with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Smith runs into an uppercut and then Devlin comes off the turnbuckles but Smith catches Devlin and hits a suplex for a near fall. Devlin with a knee to the head. Smith misses a splash into the corner and Devlin with a slingshot cutter for a near fall. Devlin goes up top and Smith stops Devlin. Devlin with forearms and Delvin goes for a moonsault but Smith with a super kick for a near fall. Devlin with Spanish Fly for a near fall. Devlin with Kawada kicks and he hits Devil Inside for the three count.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

We go to Radzi and he is waiting to talk to Toni Storm. He says they have not seen Toni today, but Nina Samuels shows up and she says there is a spotlight available and a true superstar in the vicinity. However, you did not want to interview. She says Radzi and the NXT UK Universe is distracted with Takeover. Takeover was two weeks ago and it is in the past. You need to concern yourselves with the future. The future of the NXT UK Women’s Division is the Nina Samuels Show.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the rules for a British Rounds Match.

Kassius Ohno says it is mindboggling that the man who brings British wrestling to NXT UK is an American.

Nigel says it is a stable of the British wrestling industry. William Regal, Robbie Brookside, and Johnny Saint talk about working British Rounds matches. Nigel says it can be difficult to understand and digest.

You have six three minutes rounds. You win by two pinfalls, two submissions, or knockout in a round. They talk about the thirty second break between rounds.

Match Number Three: Tegan Nox versus Shax

Tegan offers her hand but Shax slaps it away. Nox with a round kick and fallaway slam. Nox with a Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winner: Tegan Nox

After the match, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out and she wants everyone to clap for your home town hero. At Takeover, she became your new NXT UK Women’s Champion. Afterwards, she noticed something strange. No one wanted to talk about Kay Lee Ray winning the title, but they wanted to talk about the girl with the Shiniest Wizard.

Kay Lee tells Tegan that everyone knew what she was going to do to Toni Storm. If you stand in her spotlight, she will do the same to Tegan.

Tegan gets a mic and she tells Kay Lee if she wants to fight, let’s fight. Any time . . . anywhere.

We go to the Noam Dar press conference. He says he has a major announcement about his future. He says these last two weeks have been the worst weeks of his life. He needs to look at the bigger picture. Noam announces that he is simply the best.

Dar is asked about the tag title match and Dar tells that person to leave the press conference.

Trent Seven is in the room on the phone and he asks Dar if he set up his own press conference. Trent takes a phone call and he has Drake Maverick on the phone. Trent and Drake talk about how neither of them want Noam.

Dar leaves the press conference.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that neither Joe Coffey nor Dave Mastiff are cleared to wrestle at this time.

Match Number Four: Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews versus James Drake and Zack Gibson for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Andrews and Gibson start things off and they lock up. Gibson with a wrist lock and Andrews wit ha reversal and he takes Gibson to the mat. Andrews with an arm bar. Gibson with a take down into a wrist lock. Drake tags in and he kicks Andrews in the arm. Drake with a forearm. Drake gets Andrews up for a slam but Andrews escapes and he gives Drake an arm drag. Drake with an arm drag from a wheelbarrow position.

Andrews with an Irish whip and Webster tags in and connects with an elbow followed by a snap mare and drop kick from Andrews. Andrews tags in and they hit a double hip toss followed by a standing moonsault and senton combination for a near fall. Gibson tags in and Gibson with a clothesline and he hits Webster on the apron and Drake with a drop kick off Gibson’s back to knock Webster to the floor.

Gibson with forearms and kicks. Gibson with forearms to Andrews and Drake tags in. Drake with an enzuigiri and a super kick and neck breaker combination on Andrews for a near fall. Drake focuses on Webster and that allows Andrews to recover. Drake sends Andrews to the floor and Gibson tags in. Gibson with a shoulder breaker while Drake adds something with a slingshot move to the floor. Gibson with a wrist lock and he hits a wrist lock suplex and he tags Drake back in. Gibson with a clothesline into the corner and Drake with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Drake with a cobra clutch on Andrews. Andrews with punches and Drake keeps Andrews from making the tag.

Drake goes for a suplex and Andrews counters with Stundog Millionaire. Webster tags in and hits a flying clothesline and he drop kicks Gibson to the floor. Drake sends Webster into the turnbuckles but Webster floats over and hits a suicide dive on Gibson. Webster with a butterfly gourdbuster for a near fall. Drake hits Webster from behind. Gibson tags in and he gets Webster on his shoulders for a moment but Webster with elbows to stay on his feet. Gibson with a European uppercut and Andrews tags in. Webster with a running knee and Andrews with an assisted 450 splash for a near fall. Webster tags in and Drake with a forearm to Andrwes. Webster with forearms to Drake. Gibson with a double thrust and then Drake tags in. Drake with a Doomsday Device but Andrews breaks up the cover. Andrews with a moonsault off the apron onto Gibson. Drake with a forearm to Webster’s back on the turnbuckles. Webster with a head butt and Andrews tags in. Andrews with a reverse rana from the turnbuckles but Drake kicks out.

Gibson pulls Webster off the apron and Drake with an arm wringer to Andrews. Gibson tags in and he applies a hammer lock and sends Andrews shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Gibson goes for a package suplex but Andrews tries for Stundog Millionaire but Gibson avoids it and applies Shankley’s Gate. Webster with a swanton to break up the hold. Webster tags in and he connects with forearms. Gibson with an Irish whip and Webster with a moonsault out of the corner.

Drake tags in and Andrews pulls Gibson to the floor and Webster gets a near fall with a victory roll. Gibson tags in and Gibson with a rollup on Webster into a La Magistral but Webster with a rollup for a near fall. Gibson slaps Webster. Webster with punches and forearms. Drake tags in. Webster with punches to Drake and Webster misses a springboard drop kick. Drake goes up top and Drake leaps over Webster. Drake with an enzuigiri but he goes for a super kick and hits Gibson. Andrews with a tag and Morgan with a DDT followed by a Shooting Star Press from Andrews for the three count.

Winners: Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews (retain championship)

We go to credits.


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