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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-11 00:00:00

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After Shane McMahon "fired" Kevin Owens to conclude Smackdown Live, there was a large "AEW" chant in Madison Square Garden, apparently with the idea that's where Owens was going after being fired.  Obviously, the firing was storyline.

Heavy Machinery's opponents on Smackdown were Alex Reynolds and John Silver aka The Beaver Boys, who are tremendous talents.  I remain shocked at the fact they haven't been signed somewhere.  

Dio Maddin, who debuted as an announcer on 205 Live last night, is WWE NXT talent Brennan Williams.  He's been signed with the company since 2016 and is a former NFL star who was trained to wrestle by Booker T.  It was noted that Nigel McGuinness had moved on to work NXT, which is obviously live every Wednesday for two hours as of 9/18.

During 205 Live, much of the attention was taken away from the main event six man tag by a fan who kept holding his baby up in the air, which led to lots of huge chants for the Baby, booing when the man was asked to stop his behavior and huge pops when the man lifted his child up again.  Drew Gulak played off the chants at one point by rocking Gran Metallik like a baby before slamming him.

After 205 Live went off the air, the announced main event of the evening saw Bray Wyatt defeat the B-Team in about 90 seconds.  The entrances took longer than the match.  This would have been the first brother vs. brother (Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are brothers) main event in MSG since 1994, when Bret Hart wrestled his brother Owen Hart.

Tonight was Tony Nese's first time wrestling in MSG.  He's originally from Long Island, so it was obviously a big goal for him (and all NYC-area talents).

Jordan Myles was backstage but was not used on the taping.

WWE will return to MSG on 12/26 with a Smackdown live event.  There is an online pre-sale using code HOLIDAY.

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