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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-10 21:59:00

We are in New York City and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Corey Graves.

A gong sounds and the lights go down as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring.

Undertaker says he wanted to come out here and take a minute and absorb all of this.  For the past 30 years, I have considered these hallowed grounds his home.  He does not know how many more times he will come home, but there is one thing that he wants everyone to remember about this place.  The Titans that were born here, the legends that made their names here, and the heroes that were created right here in Madison Square Garden.  It is rewarding to him that each of those souls, he took a piece of them with him.  They will not be forgotten because the echoes of their memories will go through these hallways for all of eternity.

Now, we usher in a new era of superstar . . . 

Sami Zayn interrupts and he dances around the stage before addressing the Undertaker.

Zayn tells the people the Undertaker is in the ring.  The Phenom and Dead Man.  Sami says New York respects legends and you are a legend.  Truthfully what he finds impressive about Taker's career is his history in this arena.  You have been selling out this arena not for ten or twenty years, but for thirty years.  Madison Square Garden has been your yard.  Sami says he has nothing but the utmost respect for Zayn.  Sami says that it shouldn't be you opening Smackdown in Madison Square Garden.  Even you can admit that it probably should have been him.

Nothing but respect.  When is enough enough?  Sami says he knows how much Taker loves WWE and you are about paving the way for the future.  Sami says the future is here.  The future is now and the future is Sami Zayn.  Sami says these unruly fans in New York want nothing more than Sami Zayn to take out the Undertaker, but that is not why he is here.  Sami says he is here to ask him to turn around and to leave this ring right now.  Sami says he wants Taker to do the right thing and pass the torch.  The future of Madison Square Garden and the WWE are in good hands with Sami Zayn.

Taker starts to walk out of the ring but Taker is not going to do what Sami wants and Taker looks at Sami celebrating.  Taker returns to the ring and he choke slams Sami.

We go to commercial.

Shane McMahon is in his office and Chad Gable enters.  Shane calls him shorty and then he praises Gable for his performance in the King of the Ring.  Shane says Elias cannot compete in the King of the Ring Tournament because he broke his ankle

Chad says he gets a bye into the finals.

Shane says as Best in the World, he knows about tournaments so he should earn his way.  Shane says Chad will have an opponent and it will be someone from Raw or Smackdown, maybe even someone who was already eliminated.

Shinsuke Nakamura is at the announce table for this match.

Match Number One:  Miz versus Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

They lock up and Almas misses a chop and Miz with a wrist lock.  Miz with an arm drag and arm bar.  Almas with a chop and Almas goes Tranquilo in the ropes and Vega joins him on the mat.  Miz goes to the apron and then gets a near fall with a rollupo.  Miz with a flapjack.  Miz goes Tranquilo and then he catapults Almas over the top rope to the floor.  Vega gets on the apron to distract Miz and Almas almost hits Vega.  Miz with a rollup for a near fall.  Miz with an elbow but Vega rakes the eyes and Almas with a drop kick that sends Miz into the corner.

Almas with a running double knee strike for a near fall.   Almas chokes Miz in the ropes.  Almas sets for a suplex and hits it and holds on for a second one.  Almas goes for a third one but Miz blocks it and Miz with a suplex.  Miz with a punch but Almas with a back elbow for a near fall.  Almas sends Miz to the floor.  Almas with a double sledge off the ring steps.  Almas Irish whips Miz into the ringside barrier.  Almas goes to the apron for a slingshot senton and hits it.  Almas gets a near fall.  Almas with a reverse chin lock.

Miz with elbows and he lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Miz with a kick and DDT.  Miz with a knee and then he hits Reality Check for a near fall.  Miz with kicks and he misses a round kick.  Miz holds on to the ropes to stop an O'Connor Roll attempt.  Miz with chops and kicks.  Miz with a running knee into the corner followed by a second one.  Almas misses a knee and hits the turnbuckle and goes to the floor.  Miz with a drop kick through the ropes and Almas is sent into the announce table.  Miz looks at Nakamura and then he kicks Almas.  Miz sends Almas into Nakamura.

Miz sends Almas into the ring and Vega grabs the ankle and Almas with a back elbow for a near fall.  Almas goes up top and goes for the double jump moonsault but Miz catches Almas and hits Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winner:  Miz

After the match, Nakamura attacks Miz and hits Kinshasa.

Shane McMahon is in the back and he asks Apollo Crews and Matt Hardy if they have seen Chad Gable.  Shane finds Chad and Chad asks about his opponent and Shane says Elias approves his pick.

Shane leaves and returns and says that Gable will be facing Shane.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville make their way to the ring.

Mandy says she told Nikki Cross that she will never look like her.  Mandy says she would be embarrassed to walk around looking like Nikki.  Mandy says she is beautiful and Nikki is ugly. 

Mandy shows a photo of her next to Nikki.  Mandy says men open doors for her while they close the door for Nikki.  Mandy says she is at the front of the line while Nikki is at the back of the line.  Mandy says that Nikki looks like a rat from the Lincoln Tunnel.

Match Number Two:  Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville) versus Nikki Cross (with Alexa Bliss)

Nikki runs to the ring and attacks Mandy before the bell rings.  The match starts and Nikki with a cross body.  Mandy kicks Nikki away but Nikki with a sleeper.  Mandy backs Nikki into the turnbuckles to escape.  Nikki with a cross body but Mandy catches her and hits a fallaway slam.  Mandy gets a near fall.  Mandy kicks Nikki in the corner.  Mandy with a straitjacket choke.  Mandy taunts Nikki while maintaining the choke.  Nikki with a jawbreaker and a back elbow.  

Nikki with a kick and Mandy tries to send Nikki into the turnbuckles but Nikki blocks it and Nikki sends Mandy into the turnbuckles.  Nikki with forearms followed by a splash and bulldog.  Nikki goes up top and Sonya goes to the apron but Alexa pulls Sonya off the apron.  Nikki misses a cross body and Mandy misses a knee.  Nikki with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Nikki Cross

We go to catering where Otis watches Tucker mix a smoothie and Otis drinks it.

We go to commercial.

We see Bayley in the locker room and Ember Moon shows up.  Bayley asks if she has a problem.  Ember says they talked about elevating the women's division two weeks ago, and then you attack Becky with a chair.  She says it is something Sasha would do.  Bayley says she did it for the division, not because of Sasha.

Ember asks if beating down Becky elevates the women's division.  Ember says this is because Bayley is struggling to be relevant as champion.  Bayley asks Ember what does she know about being a champion.  Ember says that the champion was pinned by Charlotte last night.

Ember tells Bayley to save it for the ring.

Match Number Three:  Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight versus John Silver and Alex Keaton

Knight and Keaton start off and Tucker with waist lock take downs and a slam.  Knight with a hip toss.  Silver tags in and Knight with a hip toss.  Knight kicks Keaton.  Tucker with an Irish whip and clothesline to Silver.  Otis tags in and Otis with a splash to Silver and Keaton.  Otis with the caterpillar.  Tucker passes Silver to Otis for the Compactor and the three count.

Winners:  Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight

Shane is in the back talking to a production assistant.  

Kevin Owens enters the office and Kevin says Shane wanted to see him.  Shane says Kevin asked him to reconsider the fine and as the benevolent leader, he is willing to eliminate the fine.

Kevin wants to know what is the catch.  Shane says it is a job.  Shane gives Kevin a referee's shirt.  Shane says the King of the Ring Tournament means a lot to him.  Shane says that Kevin's family is important to him.  If you do your job correctly, that fine goes away.  Shane asks Kevin if he gets his drift.

Kevin starts to ask Shane a question but he walks away dejected.

We go to commercial.

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