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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-10 10:09:00

Last  night's Monday Night Raw in Madison Square Garden was not sold out, but it was very close to a sellout.  There are still tickets available for tonight's Smackdown & 205 Live taping.

The Garden welcomed WWE and Steve Austin back with the following:

As of this week, referee Eddie Orengo has been moved from NXT to the Raw roster.  Before signing with WWE, Orengo wrestled as Bandido Jr. in the Northeast independent scene.

Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers was visiting at Raw last night and sitting ringside.

Enes Kanter, the former New York Knick who won the WWE 24/7 title briefly last night, has shown a lot of interest in getting into professional wrestling and has been seen out quite a bit with Paul Heyman in recent years.

Former ECW star Joel Gertner was also at MSG last night.  Gertner and his wife Susan celebrated their third wedding anniversary this week as well, so congrats to them!

WWE released the following shirt to commemorate their return to MSG:

As noted last night, WWE was selling Bruno Sammartino shirts at the taping.  I am told they also had a display of classic Bruno memorabilia, including his former WWWF title belt, on display at the event.

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