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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-09 22:59:00

We are in New York City and your announcers are MIchael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves.

Glass breaks and Steve Austin makes his way to the ring for a contract signing.

Before we get to the contract signing, Austin's Beer QB passes a few Steveweisers to Austin and Austin drinks them.

Steve says somebody told him it has been more than twenty years since he has been to the Garden.  Before we take care of this contract signing, Steve wants to go down Memory Road.  He says he will never forget Survivor Series against Bret Hart and he remembers the hairs raising on his arm when Bret Hart's music plays.  He will never forget that moment.  He remembers when WWE was worried about his neck and Vince serenaded him and he hit Vince with the first Stunner that he took.  He remembers coming here in 1998 against the Undertaker at SummerSlam in the Highway to Hell Match.  Steve remembers kicking Taker but Taker knocked him out.  It was the first time he got knocked out and Earl Hebner asked him if he was okay and Austin asks where is he and he was told that he is in The Garden.

Austin says they needed someone to mediate this contract signing so they brought him from the west coast.

Austin brings out Braun Strowman first and Braun offers his hand and Austin does not shake it, but he introduces Seth Rollins.

Austin finally shake Braun's hand and he shakes Seth's hand.  Steve says he doesn't know why they had trouble signing their contracts but he is here to make sure it happens.

Seth points out that they are in New York in a ring with Steve Austin.  Seth says this big goon over here thinks Steve has it in for him and he thinks that Seth has it in for Braun.  Seth says that while he normally hates the WHATs, but he is down with it tonight.

Austin tells them to sign the contract.

Seth says he is not stabbing anyone in the back.  He is the best wrestler in the world and he will still be the best on the planet after Clash of Champions and he will still be Universal Champion.

Seth signs the contract.  

Braun says he has the utmost respect for Steve but a rattlesnake is still a rattlesnake.  Braun tells Seth he ain't turning his back on him.  He likes being Tag Team Champ, but he will love being Universal Champ.  Braun says he is about to open a can of whoop ass and you're gonna get these hands.

Braun signs the contract.

AJ Styles's music plays and he comes out with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

AJ says they don't want none.  They don't wanna get the rattlesnake riled up so Steve Austin stomps a mudhole in them.  AJ asks if anyone cares about that any more?   AJ starts to what to annoy the crowd.  AJ tells Austin to turn his beady eyes on him and he tells him to sit out or he might get hurt.  AJ says this is all Steve's fault.  AJ says this has everything to do with Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins.  AJ tells the crowd that this is why they don't like coming to New York because of the whatting.

AJ says your Raw Tag Team Champions didn't have the gaul to defend their titles against these guys and didn't give them a rematch.

Austin points out that the crowd is calling AJ an asshole.

AJ tells Steve that he has turned into an asshole in his old age.  AJ says Braun looks at the title belt and he gets a title match.  AJ asks the old fart. 

Austin moves the contract signing table and he tells AJ that he doesn't know where he is coming from but he knows where he is going.  

Rollins and Strowman attack AJ, Karl, and Luke.  Strowman with a running shoulder tackle to Gallows on the floor and then he goes after Anderson on the ramp.  Rollins misses Black Out and AJ sends Rollins over the top rope.  AJ does not realize that Austin is behind him and he backs into a kick and a Stunner.

Austin with more beer catches and drinking.

We go to commercial.

We are back but the Undertaker will not be back until Smackdown tomorrow night.

We see AJ Styles down in the corner.

Match Number One:  Cedric Alexander versus AJ Styles

Alexander with punches and kicks followed by a hard Irish whip and AJ goes to teh floor.  Cedric with a forearm from behind.  Alexander chops Styles and Irish whips him into the ringside barrier.  Alexander with another chop and shoulders in the corner.  AJ with an Irish whip and Alexander floats over and hits a handstand head scissors followed by a drop kick to the knees and another drop kick for a near fall.  Alexander with more near falls.  AJ escapes a suplex attempt and Styles with a double thrust to the throat followed by a punch.  Styles with a chop and forearm.  

Alexander with a Neuralizer but Styles goes to the floor and Alexander with a flip dive onto Styles.  They return to the ring and AJ goes to the apron and he drops Alexander's injured arm on the top rope.  Styles with a head butt to the shoulder followed by a divorce court.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexander with forearms but AJ with a kick to the injured shoulder.  Alexander with punches but Styles with a kick to the shoulder and neck.  Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.  Alexander lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Alexander with a back elbow.  Styles sends Alexander to the apron and Alexander with an enzuigiri.  Anderson and Gallows pull Alexander off the apron and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Cedric Alexander (by disqualification)

Anderson and Gallows help AJ work over Alexander but the music for Erik and Ivar play and they make their way to the ring.  Erik with a forearm to STyles while Iver with a clothesline to Gallows.  Erik iwth a knee to Anderson.  Erik runs Ivar into Gallows in the corner.  Alexander with a drop kick to Styles while Erik and Ivar hit the Viking Experience on Anderson.

Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley and her best friend Sasha Banks are in the back.  Sasha says Charlotte and Becky were mad about what happened last week and they should be mad.  Bayley says they are stronger than ever.

We see Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair adjusting their gear as they look at each other and they don't appear to trust each other.

Bray tells everyone he will host a brand new Firefly Fun House later tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman Reigns makes his way to the stage.  Roman mentions it was almost a year ago when he announced the return of his leukemia, but with your strength and love that helped him.  That love and strength changed his perspective.  Roman says there is more than the ring.  He wants to use this platform to pay it forward and help others like you helped him.  Roman says he has been able to visit a number of pediatric cancer hospitals and he recently visited one in New York.  Roman says he had a chance to see these kids again.  Why go to them when we can bring them to us.

Roman brings out some local cancer survivors.

Roman says they have been through the toughest fight of their lives and they are here standing.  It is not over because others are starting their fights.  

We go to commercial.

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