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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-09 15:40:00

With WWE NXT preparing to make the big leap to the USA Network, one ripple effect looks to be the NXT Takeover specials on the WWE Network.

Traditionally, many of the Takeovers have taken place the night before a big WWE tentpole PPV. However, there will not be a Takeover the night before the 2020 Royal Rumble in Houston.  Instead, a World Collide special will take place the night before at the Toyota Center while NXT is not listed as an event for those purchasing travel packages through WWE.

There have been several taped Worlds Collide specials on the WWE Network previously over the last year, featuring talents from 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK all competing against each other.  It would appear this will be the first live broadcast for such a special on the Network, raising the importance of the events.

As to what this means for NXT Takeover specials, one would think it means WWE is looking at changes to the schedule.  Whether that means running them on stand-alone weekends, alternating with the Worlds Collide specials or some other plan remains to be seen. has reached out to WWE seeking clarification.  

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