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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-08 13:46:00

Major League Wrestling sold out last night's War Chamber event in Dallas, Texas.  The big draws of the night were easily the Von Erich family as lots of women and children were at the show specifically for Kevin, Marshall and Ross.  There were echoes of yesteryear with World Class after the event when the Von Erichs were leaving and there were what was described to us as "wall" of women and children who rushed the family with teenage girls screaming for Ross and Marshall.  Kevin got a huge reaction and there were a lot of older fans, including some older women, who were there specifically for him.   The promotion sold out of all Von Erich-related merchandise by intermission.  MLW will return to Dallas on 1/20/20 for a TV taping titled Zero Hour.

An emotional high of the show was the Gary Hart tribute, which saw his son Jason receive a lifetime achievement award on behalf of his late father.  The video package for this was said to have been awesome and got a standing ovation in the locker room from the talents backtstage.  Hart was a mentor to MLW's Court Bauer, so this was important and emotional for him on a personal level.  Jason Hart was said to have been really emotional and tearing up when he was given the award.  It was described as similar to an old timer's ceremony for Major League Baseball.

As we noted last night, LA Park will challenge MLW Champion Jacob Fatu in the main event of the 11/2 PPV in Chicago.

Former UFC Champion Frank Mir was backstage yesterday.

The three best in-ring matches last night were said to be LA Park & Hijo del LA Park vs. Magnus and Black September, Timothy Thatcher vs. Douglas James and for just fun brawling, Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Werner.  The War Chamber will air on this Friday's MLW TV and was said to be really, really good.  The only real negative we've heard about the show was the lack of air conditioning in the building, which I guess carries on the tradition of the old Sportatorium.

Mega Danger from The CRASH in Mexico was brought in as a surprise.  He wrestled Ace Austin last night.  MLW will be teaming with The CRASH for a combined event on 10/5 in Tijuana, Mexico at the historic Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez, which seats over 5,000 fans, the first time MLW: FUSION will have been taped in Mexico

Leo Brien, who was one half of the Dirty Blondes tag team, has been rebooted as a singles star.  The company sees a lot of potential in him.

Go Shiozaki vs. Alexander Hammerstone from Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan headlined this week's MLW TV.

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