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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-07 10:00:00

I seem to remember you writing about The Rock having an amusement park ride at Universal Studios in Florida and I am going there in October.  Where can I find that ride?

You may have been thinking about Johnson making cameos on the now-defunct Disaster! ride, playing a fictional action hero.  It has been replaced by Fast & Furious: Supercharged! which features Johnson playing his role of Luke Hobbs in the 5-D ride.    Promotional material for the ride notes, "Join the Fast & Furious family for a full-throttle, high-octane experience where you’ll be immersed in heart-pounding action alongside Dom, Letty, Hobbs and the rest of the crew. You’ll meet up with the team and check out iconic vehicles and memorable locations from the films. Just as the party is getting started an enemy infiltrates your location and a wild chase ensues. You’ll have to keep up with this unbreakable family as they help you escape from danger on this thrilling new ride."

Johnson is currently working with Disney to update their classic Jungle Cruise ride to coincide with his feature film based on the same attraction.

I watched the CM Punk interview and I have to ask why you didn't ask about Colt Cabana?

It's open litigation.  What could he say other than "I can't talk about it" or "my lawyer advised me not to speak about it?"  It didn't make any sense to go down that rabbit hole.  It would have been a wasted question during a conversation that had very limited time.

Are you doing Starrcast IV?

I haven't been asked yet, so impossible to say.  I don't know what would top the Punk interview, honestly.  Time will tell/

Is Starrcast owned by AEW?  Were you paid by AEW to appear?

No and No.  Conrad Thompson owns Starrcast and I was not paid by AEW.  I brought myself in to the event in Chicago after being requested by Punk to be his interviewer.

What do you make of WWE not selling out Madison Square Garden?  What would do you to help those shows?  I think they should add a Hell in A Cell match.

Nothing.  NYC is a hard market to sell out today unless you have a massive, super hot act.    WWE, as a product, is not a real super hot act., even if the in-ring aspect remains underrated  I expect Raw will end up selling out the day of the show.  I am not as confident that Smackdown will.  I would have pushed locally that names like Mark Henry and Taz would be appearing, since they are local and beloved NYC-ers.  Taz especially hasn't appeared in MSG in a lot of years and I think would mean something to fans.    I don't see the company bringing Hell in A Cell there with a few day's notice.

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