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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-05 10:00:00

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Have you heard for sure yet if Fox airing Smackdown and USA airing NXT will affect their next day airing on Hulu?  

We have heard there will be no expected changes except the episodes will appear later on Hulu due to their new airing dates.

This AEW belt situation was just one, long, stupid work, right?

Wrong.  If you think AEW filed a false report with the Tallahassee Police to get attention online, you don't understand the severity of filing such a report.

Where did Piper Viven come from?

Niven is a Scottish star who worked under the ring name Viper across Europe before signing for WWE.  She was the first ICW Women's Champion.

Did the following wrestling books ever come out: The Iron Sheik, Bob Ryder, Tod Gordon, Paul Heyman?

None of those were ever officially released, although they were announced and work was done on them.  In the case of the Sheik, I believe the book was completed and WWE opted not to release.  Gordon's book was never completed as he felt the window to release it was missed and he pulled his endorsement of the book.  Ryder never completed his book.  Heyman ended up going back to WWE, which led to the book being put on an indefinite hiatus.

I really enjoyed your interview with CM Punk at Starrcast.  I was wondering how much of it was planned out in advance?

First of all, thanks for watching it.  None of it.  I had some ideas in my head but we never spoke about subjects until we were live on stage.  I saw him for all of two minutes backstage before we went live on PPV.

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