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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-03 12:36:00

As reported this morning, The Killer Kross-Impact Wrestling situation continues to be at a standstill.  One of the underlying issues that was passed around over the weekend, as we noted, was that Kross refused to blade during his First Blood match against Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary, resulting in Impact having to track down fake blood the day of the show.  We are told that beyond the concern about hepatitus C potentially spreading on an independent show in Indiana the week before the PPV, one of the reasons is said to have Kross refused to blade, according to sources, was that there were no outside medical personnel on hand at the show in Dallas, Texas and that there had been no pre-match testing.

As noted, Kross has not been booked since the Slammiversary PPV, and the word in the last 24 hours is that now that Impact is involved with the 9/15 AAA event in New York City, there has been pressure to remove Kross from that event as well.  The reasons sources have pointed to is that this is due to concerns Kross will soon be suing Impact.  There has been no lawsuit filed against Impact by Kross as of this morning, has confirmed.  

Kross has not been booked by Impact Wrestling since his back and forth over a contract re-negotiation earlier this summer, leaving him contractually bound to the company, but not being utilized.  Kross was actually in Toronto on family business the same time Impact taped there a few weeks back, but the company opted not to book him for the tapings.   Among talents, there is a sympathy for Kross as a family situation precipitated Kross pushing for a higher-end deal and instead, he's stuck in suspended animation.

As first reported earlier this summer, Kross had requested a release from the company after seeking a better financial deal from Impact, which offered a reworked three-year contract that was far below the six figure deal Kross was shooting for.  Impact sources, at the time, told that a release would not be granted but that everyone was still working together and was being professional.  Kross still has two years left on his current deal, which pays him per appearance, so if he is not used, he is not paid by the company but remains bound to them legally.

During an interview with Petey Williams' podcast in June, Kross noted that he liked everyone at Impact and everyone had been professional with him, but intimated that when he signed his deal, he did so after being led to believe there were not other opportunities for him elsewhere.  Now that he's learned there are, and he's aware of what others within Impact are getting paid, he sought to be paid something on that level or be allowed to be released and leave in order to have the chance to prove he could draw and earn that money elsewhere.  Kross noted that he has family members he is responsible for and as a man, it's on him to provide for them.   During that appearance, Kross noted that he wanted to stay with Impact if everything could be worked out.  He made it clear it was not a case of trying to run and grab money elsewhere, but that his family situation left him with no choice but to push for a better deal.

As noted, Kross has not been booked of late and his t-shirt has been moved to the clearance area of Impact Wrestling's merchandise website.  Kross has the option of wrestling independently outside of Impact, with the obvious exception of nationally televised promotions, unless he is released by the company.  Given the situation, one should not expect to see Kross booked at this week's events in Las Vegas or perhaps. anytime soon.


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