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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-04 10:01:00

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A while ago WWE explored the idea of 205 Live house shows. With NXT being on TV soon and being presented as more of a stronger brand and since the 205 live starts never get PPV matches do you think they’d ever considered having a NXT/205 Takeover combined show? Or Even a 205 Exclusive event on the network 

Down the road?  Who knows.  Right now, probably not.  I think the best chance we have of 205 being included on NXT house shows is if they get integrated on the USA TV show.  If that happens, then it would make sense for sure.

NXT has brought in Rhea Ripley to challenge Shayna Baszler.  Does that make you think that the NXT product will not be changed by Vince McMahon when it goes on NXT?

You never say never but as I have said all along, I didn’t think Vince would change NXT, at least not at first, when it went on USA.  I have listed the reasons why I feel that way in this column in the past.  To me it comes down to this, AEW is marketing itself as something very different from Raw.  To me, AEW wants to be what NXT is right now, so it makes no sense for WWE to make it easy for people looking for a different kind of product to NOT have to choose between NXT and AEW.  If NXT becomes like Raw, fans looking for something different will watch AEW.

I watched NXT Takeover UK Cardiff and it was fantastic.  After watching it, I made the decision not to get the AEW PPV.  I just couldn't justify spending the money, especially after seeing a show that good.  Do you think other people felt that way?

I know they did because I heard from people that did what you did.  The $50 price tag can make people think twice, especially when in addition to the Takeover UK show, you got SummerSlam, Takeover Toronto and everything else has to offer on the Network that month for $9.99.  I get that AEW is trying to generate revenue with PPVs, but the competition is so much cheaper it makes their price seem really high.

Do you think AEW will have a hard time selling PPVs when they are giving away two hours of product every week on TNT?

My hunch is yes, not because I don't think that they can use TV to get people to buy the PPVs but more so because in 2019, where the other streaming options are around $10 a month, it's hard for some people to justify spending 50 bucks for one show.  The model has changed.  But if they only do four shows a year and the TV is hot, they have a chance at getting people to spend 200 bucks a year on their events.  Time will tell.

Do you think AEW got a little too cocky in their buildup to a TV deal in marketing themselves as an alternative to WWE?  WWE countered with NXT, an established brand that from an in-ring and storytelling standpoint gives most fans what AEW will offer.  Is the pressure now on for AEW to be even more different and creative than maybe that were anticipating?

I have said that from almost the beginning.  When you say we are going to be the greatest thing ever and you have a good show, it’s a let down.  When you say nothing and have a good show, it’s a good show.  There is a fine line between being proud and excited, and being arrogant.  I think it’s better to do the former.

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