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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-01 01:18:00

After All Out went off the air, Cody came out and gave a post-match speech before telling everyone that who they should thank for the show is Tony Khan, because he believed in all the talents.  Khan came out and said he didn't want to be thanked, but wanted to thank everyone and said that he did "this" (AEW) for "all of us."  He said that he intended to make All Out a tradition over Labor Day every year in Illinois and wanted to start a new tradition by having a TV Taping annually in the same venue as he is originally from Illinois and his family spends Thanksgiving there every year.  He asked that everyone make a tradition of spending Thanksgiving Eve with AEW.

During a post show media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed Kylie Rae had requested and received an official AEW release. Khan said it was completely amicable and praised her as a person but did not go further into details.

The AAA Tag Team Championships will not be featured in All Elite Wrestling going forward so that the company can focus on their own Tag Team Championships which will be crowned in a tournament on the AEW TV series. The hope and plan is that AAA will still be sending talent to the company.

Now that the company is past the All Out pay-per-view, more details on the TNT series including the official title of the series will be announced shortly.

The plan for the weekly series is to cycle wrestlers on and off so that they are not appearing every week. Part of the reason is to maintain their health and the other part of the reason is to give each week something new and exclusive to feature and promote.  

 AEW will not be airing on Christmas night due to the fact that it falls on a Wednesday this year and TNT will be playing their annual Christmas Story Marathon.

It was made clear that Santana and Ortiz debuted for the company but they will not be known as LAX going forward. As PWInsider previously reported that name will remain with Impact Wrestling.  One would think they will be the mystery partners for Chris Jericho on episode one of the TNT series.

Speaking of the Young Bucks, although they are banged up they emerged from the ladder match tonight with zero injury. They were checked out by doctors backstage after the show and will be checked out again tomorrow after the adrenaline wears off.

There was a backstage confrontation filmed with Adam Page and PAC after the show. This will obviously lead them back towards the original plan when AEW debuted, which was a feud between the two.

AEW is hoping to use Tenille Dashwood more but there is nothing confirmed going forward for her at this moment.

The Cody entrance was obviously Star Trek-influenced.  There was a lot of concern about Cody and Brandi Rhodes' dog, Pharoah, being on stage when pyro went off and obviously spooked him.  There was an error made, according to Cody, where mortars were fired off, making the noise that scared his dog.  Backstage after the show, Tony Khan said he was not happy and was worried for Pharoah after it happened but he was OK after.  He noted it was a Cody call and Brandi was not happy after.  Due to what happened to Pharoah, Khan "doubled down" on making sure no pyro was fired off until the horse Adam Page rode in on was safely corraled and away before they used the pyro for Chris Jericho.

Michael Lombardi of Northeast Wrestling, Lenny Leonard, Chris Nowinski and Chavo Guerrero were backstage at the show.  Al Snow watched most of the show from the crowd.

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