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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-02 10:00:00

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t's obvious that there's still thousands of hours of material that's yet to be added to the WWE Network. But in your opinion, what programming will probably never make it to the Network, i.e. the Chris Benoit tribute episode or the Collision in Korea show?

Anything that is too hard to get up to the standards WWE wants for broadcast is probably something we won't see, unless it's extremely historically relevant.

I've been reading reports about Bray Wyatt getting a Universal title shot at Hell in a Cell, and I gotta wonder: is it too soon for that? Wyatt is HOT right now, but I feel they need to build up both his intrigue and the bodies he leaves in his wake before he enters a title picture. I fear that if he gets the belt before the year's out, they're just setting him up to lose big at Mania, which is exactly what happened to Wyatt when he originally debuted years ago. His original push with the Wyatt Family was so good before he was fed to Cena, I just want the Fiend to have a fighting chance for longevity.

Honestly, it will all depend on how he is booked between now and then.  I could see it working if they do it right.

I re-watched The Rock's Rock Concert from 2003 the other day, and like all those years ago, I was still laughing my ass off. In your many years covering wrestling, can you recall any moments in the business that you still think are some of the funniest you've seen?

Sure, a lot of stuff holds up well over time, no doubt!  I saw Kurt Angle driving the milk truck to the ring and cracked up.

With NXT getting a prime slot on USA, what are the chances you think HHH will ask Vince for Asuka to set up a mega match between the longest reigning champion against the most dominant woman NXT champion Shayna Baszler? Even if it's one time I can see it main eventing easily. Well personally I'd love to see it.

At this point, no and I don't think that he should.  Asuka has been booked as a mid card talent on the main roster so bringing her in as a top talent in NXT will make it look a cut under main WWE programming in the eyes of new fans.  Plus, I want to see Rhea Ripley take on the champ.

Ok, what's really going on between ROH & New Japan as things haven't seemed the same since The Elite left.  Most the NJPW talents that were brought into ROH (Romero, Juice, ZSJ, Finlay) haven't been back except G.O.D.'s feud with the Briscoes & the Global Wars tour doesn't include New Japan this year yet some ROH talent works the NJPW tournaments like BOSJ & G1?

It's pretty clear that the relationship has cooled.  It will be interesting to see if it heats up again.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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