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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-30 10:00:00

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Whatever happened to Abyss?

He now works as a Producer for WWE's Raw brand.  While it's always possible he makes a cameo, for all intents and purposes, he is retired.

Stephen Amell has tweeted Cody Rhodes about making that Heels show with him.  Do you think that will happen?

I would be shocked if we don't see a LOT of AEW-related talent on that show as Amell is very close with Rhodes and appeared last year at "All In."  You work with who you trust and he trusts that crew, so I am sure he will pitch for their involvement, which is only good for the AEW brand.

Is CM Punk still involved with that series?

We have not heard that he is.  Amell is actually playing the same role that Punk has tested for.  So, unless Punk has been cast in another role (and it hasn't been revealed), it would seem like the project has moved on without hiring him, yet.

Even with all the talents who have been signed in recent months, who's the one name you are shocked is still out there and not signed?

I'll give you two off the top of my head.  One is New Jersey's Dan Maff, who is a great promo and a great big man style worker.  The other is Steve Anthony, who is a hell out a hand out of Louisiana and is a great worker.  I've been shocked for years that neither of these have been picked up and in my opinion, they should be.

Where is S.D. Jones?

Sadly, Jones passed away in 2008 after suffering a stroke. He was living in his native Antigua at the time.  His last public appearance, that I am aware of, was inducting Tony Atlas into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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