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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-29 10:00:00

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Paul Heyman mentioned in past shoots that he was in negotiations with TNA/Impact to join the company, but then later added that “They aren’t ready for my help”.  What, if any, info do you know about the negotiations between both sides?  What would Heyman’s role have been, had he been brought into the company?  Lastly, why did the talks die down?

Heyman was potentially going to be brought in to take over creative, but it didn't happen because he wanted to have complete control over how the company would be run.  The idea, from what we heard at the time, was that when TNA reached out to him, Heyman pitched he come in with a role similar to Dana White in UFC, having the managerial control over the brand in order to build the company to a point where it would not only be competitive with WWE but to be built into something larger than it was.  The talks died down because at the time, Dixie Carter didn't want to give up the final say when it came to control of the company, which meant Heyman wasn't going to get what he pitched in that he could be overrulled when it came to talent being hired/fired/creatively booked.  Both sides moved on and eventually, Heyman ended up back with WWE while Carter eventually lost control of her own company.

I have a crazy idea, so hear me out.  WWE moved NXT to USA to put AEW in check, right?  So, what if AEW thought outside the box and moved their show to Mondays opposite Raw?  That would be the biggest swing they could make right?  It would be one thing to take a hit against NXT but no matter what they drew against Raw, they'd still make a dent right?

Man, that is a crazy idea.  I see your logic, with the idea of taking a shot at the biggest WWE asset, but you have to remember that the last time someone went against Raw, it was Impact and they were slaughtered for ten weeks before they ran off.  I don't think going after Raw the first week is the way to go, d  espite however confident AEW is.You also have to remember that TNT made the call about where the show would air, not AEW, so it's not like Tony Khan can make the call to move the show.  All the advertising and marketing is for 10/2.  They can't move the show, not at first, at least.  Wednesday it is.  

Why has WWE not used the Raw Roulette wheel in some time?

My guess is that they simply haven't done Raw in Las Vegas...or that they haven't had an idea for the wheel as of this juncture.  I would assume it will return at some point.

I was wondering if Sami Zayn's comments about AEW on Raw a few months back were scripted?

We are told they were not, which is why they were never ever acknowledged again.

What's the strangest place you traveled to watch pro wrestling?

I've sat in the basement of a Housing Project on the Lower East Side, I've sat in converted supermarkets and I've sat in fields on farms.  I don't know that anything is stranger than the basement though!

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