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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-23 17:00:00

All Elite Wrestling has been thrown a major curveball for next week’s “All Out” PPV as Jon Moxley will not be able to compete against Kenny Omega in one of the most anticipated matches on the 8/31 PPV broadcast.

Moxley has been diagnosed with a MRSA staph infection in his arm after competing over the last month in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax tournament.  He will not be cleared in time for AEW’s All Out. 

“I''m absolutely gutted to have to deliver this news but I'd rather it come directly from me,” Moxley wrote on his Twitter account. "In a nightmare scenario, a serious case of MRSA has returned in my elbow. The timing couldn't be worse. In this circumstance I am forced to pull out of the fight 8/31 vs Omega at All Out.  Still, I expect All out to be an amazing ppv and hope all the fans out there looking for an alternative tune in. You will be blown away by AEW and be excited to be a wrestling fan. I'm looking forward to watching as a fan myself.  This f***ing sucks." [Note: Expletive edited by]

We are told Moxley is extremely upset about the situation, especially given all the time he lost while under contract to WWE after a staph infection developed post-elbow after Moxley (while wrestling for WWE as Dean Ambrose) was injured in December 2017.  thThat infection required a second surgery in the Spring of 2018.  One source believed the staph infection is in the same arm, compounding Moxley's aggravation. 

There is no word how long Moxley may be out of the ring.  He wrestled Pentagon Jr. last weekend for Northeast Wrestling in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Moxley made his debut with All Elite Wrestling as a surprise at the end of its debut "Double or Nothing" PPV this past May in Las Vegas, attacking Chris Jericho and then Kenny Omega after the final match on the broadcast.  He and Omega brawled to the stage, where Moxley nailed him with a double underhook DDT on top of a stack of oversized casino chips before hitting a death valley driver off the stack onto the stage below.  Moxley’s debut led to one of the biggest reactions of the night.  He and Omega have since brawled and teased their big faceoff, which will now have to wait for a future event.

We are told AEW will be announcing a replacement for Moxley shortly.

AEW's Cody commented, "Very heartbreaking news. Jon’s health and safety is paramount to all of us. We will actively try and reschedule this match down the road. A replacement match for All Out will be announced soon. Our thoughts are with Jon."

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