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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-26 10:00:00

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With NXT on USA, will NXT have its own Executive Director like Raw and Smackdown? Also, will it become a live show or pre-taped? Lastly, will it be a touring show?

Paul Levesque will be the director.  It will be live.  As of now they will still tour NXT but the show has been announced as weekly from Full Sail.  That, of course, is subject to change.

I read today’s column and I had a response to the inconsistencies with the Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton match and the one between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. First, isn’t it the ref that decides if there should be leeway in a match, similar to how an umpire may have a different strike zone than another ref? And, even though we have a brand split in name only, can it be said that Raw and Smackdown have different philosophies when it comes to a DQ or count out? Finally, I believe even back in the 80’s, if a wrestler was thrown into a guardrail, there wasn’t a DQ so why should there be if a wrestler is thrown through a table? It’s semantics but there is a difference in using a chair on a wrestler and using a wrestler on a chair. I mean, I think that’s the WWE logic here. I just wish they wouldn’t overuse that spot. 

I gave up trying to make sense of what the refs do a long time ago.  The ref basically does what the creative wants him to do.

Why doesn't the WWE do RAW Roulette anymore? 

They haven’t felt they needed to.

So, with the new shows on new networks, including NXT and NXT UK, do you think Vince would be better off treating each brand as it's OWN brand, never the twain shall meet, OR, should it go all territory, where each brand has it's champs, and then there's ONE WORLD or WWE champ that travels to the "territory", and everybody meets up for the monthly PPV?

I like the idea of them being sister brands, such as Pete Dunne coming back to the US.  With NXT going to USA, I would leave things as is right now.  It would allow for them to bring UK talent to the US to appear on USA.  That can help both version of NXT.

Depending on how The Fiend character gets handled, do you think that at some point in maybe a year or two we could possibly see “The Three Faces of Wyatt” (“Follow The Buzzards Wyatt”, “Fire Fly Funhouse Bray, “The Fiend”) appear in the Royal Rumble like Mick Foley did in the 1998 Rumble? 

Why not!  That sounds pretty interesting and I think it would get over.  Fiend would have to be last, obviously.  

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