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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-22 09:55:00

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With talk of independent wrestling on the WWE Network, could we see the return of Jeff Jarrett's GFW?  House of Hardcore?

I don't think we'll see the return of GFW, but House of Hardcore makes sense, unless Tommy Dreamer signs a contract somewhere.

Whatever happened to Cliff Compton?  I always loved him on the site and on Colt Cabana's podcasts.

He's retired and living in Nevada.  He pretty much finished up with the business after he had a seizure backstage at a ROH event several years ago and doctors could never figure out a definitive cause.  I'd love to see him used as a personality somewhere, but I think he's pretty much moved on to the next chapter of his life.  At some point, I am sure we will have him back on.

I was looking up results of pro wrestling in NYC and wondered why no one ran the Hammerstein Ballroom before ECW went there in 2000?  The Manhattan Center was there, obviously, because WWE used it.  Why didn't anyone run Hammerstein?  Why did WWE skip using it for Raw?

The Hammerstein wasn't used because when Raw began the venue  was in the middle of being renovated after sitting dormant for decades.  That took a long, long time and didn't open until 1997, when legendary NYC band Luscious Jackson played there (I should know - I was there!) and I immediately thought it would be a great wrestling venue.  It took a few years, but it eventually happened.    ECW was well aware of the building for several years before debuting there in 2000.

How long before Vince McMahon takes control of WWE NXT?

As long as NXT brings in numbers that USA Network are happy with, I don't see that happening.

With the new Wednesday night battle, how long before a new company is brought into existence by another corporation?

There's obviously potential.   It depends on whether all of this leads to pro wrestling getting hotter.  We are going to have a glut of new content, which is awesome for everyone who loves pro wrestling, but will all of this content expand the fan base and lead to a push for more?  We will see.  If AEW and WWE are making huge bank with all this content, advertisers and sponsors and other potential network partners will be paying close attention.  This is all uncharted territory.

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