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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-21 10:01:00

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With all of the people that Vince McMahon has brought back to help with the product lately, what does it say that he has not brought back Vince Russo?

I think it says everything you need to know about what he thinks of Russo’s booking ideas and what value he could bring to WWE.  Russo’s “how I would book WWE” bluster, which he spews with great regularity,  combined with statements he has made about doing his podcasts to earn for his family, makes it pretty clear to me he would love to get a good paying job with WWE if it were offered.  The fact that he is not working there tells me that there is no interest in him and frankly, I think that is karma.  People remember how you act and how you treat them.

If NXT does move to network television, how will international viewers continue to enjoy the product? Will it be on the same stations as Raw and Smackdown for Canadian and UK views? Will it still be on the Network? 

To be determined!

I wanted to ask with Sinclair acquiring all the RSN’s earlier this spring has there been any talk of them possibly airing the weekly ROH tv show on those networks? 

I can’t say that there has but given that Sinclair runs ROH on the stations they own now I think the odds are very good that will happen.

Do you think WWE will ever bring back a real brand split? If there's no brand split, what's the point of having two world champions? The point of the original brand split way back in the day was to let each brand be its own thing and, for branding PPVs, to showcase more talents who might not make it on a multi-brand show. (For example, the Intercontinental Champion can't even make it onto the show on the multi-branded SummerSlam -- but maybe there'd be time to build a storyline for a branded show.) Not to mention to let stories build for longer -- each brand would have two PPV cycles' worth to built storylines, instead of just one. To use an analogy, you can't have every show be The Avengers, or it doesn't feel special anymore... you need your solo Spider-Man movies too where you can have more character development in a way you can't when you're trying to fit in everyone at once. And if WWE says, we can't do branded shows because a single-branded show doesn't have enough wattage to draw in an audience... well, doesn't that just speak to their inability to book a single-branded show that people would want to see?

I tend to think it will be a while before we get a true brand split again.  The TV ratings will dictate if they can do that again. The TV money goes way up in six weeks so that will decide things like brand splits. But with that said, I have no problems with two top titles.   They have a large roster so I think there is room for two top belts. 

On Monday Night Raw noticed how disconnected Vince is to reality. Miz was introduced as residing in Hollywood. But hey! He’s the star of a reality show, co produced by WWE where he lives in Austin, Texas. Any comments?

That’s a good point.  It’s one thing to make up a residence for a talent, but when you have another show where the person actually lives, it does look pretty dumb.  I won’t say that makes Vince disconnected from reality but it certainly can be said that he needs to up his attention to detail.  Then again, they could play semantics and say, “yeah, he lives in Texas but he’s FROM Hollywood.”  Except, they have already told us on TV he’s FROM Cleveland.  My head hurts.

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