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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-20 10:00:00

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If NXT does get put on FS1 or USA Network, does Vince McMahon alter it to make it more "WWE like?"  Or would he at least mostly let it be because he realizes smart fans are going to flock to AEW and NXT would have a better chance if it remains popular with the same smart fans who like it now?

That is the $64,000 question right now (and fear that many of us that love NXT have).  My hope is that he knows if the idea is to compete with AEW, the smart move is to let NXT be what it is.  But, he is the same guy that thought he could WWE-ize ECW fans and those that loved ECW would like his version better, so I will admit I am a bit scared.  We will get a better read in about a month when it debuts on USA.

If the NXT move to USA Network rumors end up being true, does it basically prove that Vince McMahon is much more concerned about AEW as competition than most people ever predicted?  What would be a good counter move for AEW?

I don’t know who most people are.  As I said after the Second Quarter Conference Call, it was clear that AEW was on Vince’s radar.  I don’t know anyone reputable that doesn’t think Vince is well aware of the upstart group and to be fair, they have no one to blame but themselves for that.  They were the ones who proclaimed that they would change the world, etc.  They poked the bear.  They had to know that the bear would respond.  If they didn't, well that was a huge misalculation on their part.

Where is Rusev? I remember how deadly he was when he first got here. What do you think happened?

The rumors for a while now are that he and Lana have not been happy with how they have been used by WWE (I can’t say I blame them).  Creative has not been using them.  I would not be shocked if they left when their contracts are up.  I never understood the way that he was used, a big, strong agile big man should have been used so much better than he was.

How does one become a referee in pro wrestling?   How about a play by play announcer or color commentator?  

Unless you get really lucky and own a promotion or know someone that does, you have to get trained, especially to be a referee.  There is so much that goes into the job beyond just counting falls.  There is a steep learning curve.  As for announcing, that is even harder to get into since there are so few positions.  You have to be really lucky to get a spot there.

So I couldn't watch Summerslam live on my Roku. At all kept telling me their are problems. Funny thing is EVERYTHING in the vault the old stuff works JUST fine. So I figured I'd watch Summerslam 19 on Monday well it was in French i couldn't get it to English I know how to do it and never had a problem in the past. It didn't switch then it didn't work at all so I tried Extreme Rules that didn't work either BUT all the old stuff in the vault STILL works fine with NO issue. So I called them on the phone for OVER AN HOUR WITH THE PHILIPPINES  They said they had to escalated upstairs to their boss's AND I  still haven't heard back. So I haven't seen Summerslam or Raw or Smackdown this week. The new network sucks.

They have had issues, no doubt.  Especially on older devices.  They are aware of it and working on fixing it but it sure is frustrating for people dealing with the issues.  As I said last week, they shouldn’t have gone into live mode in August.  It’s one of their busiest periods of the year.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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