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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-19 10:00:00

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Am I being far too cynical to think that WWE will find a way to have Shane McMahon take someone else’s place and win the 2019 King of the Ring tournament?</p>

The way they have booked him? If you are, I think your cynicism is warranted.  Honestly though, in Vince’s eyes the tournament is probably beneath some who is the “Best In The World”.

Do you think Jack Tunney should be inducted and will eventually be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?  I think he deserves it; he was a big promoter in Canada for the WWE and as figurehead President he was involved in many big angles.  Also, do you foresee people like Jim Johnston or Joey Marella ever being inducted?  

I think all three are worthy of induction into the Hall.  I hope it happens for all of them.

If Dolph Ziggler is a high end enhancement talent, what is Shawn Michaels, because high end enhancement talents should not be super kicking legends that way. The WWE has dropped the ball with Ziggler. He needs to win matches so that when he loses, they mean something. Losing so badly to Goldberg to make him easy fodder for Miz does nothing for the Miz. I can go on a rant here. The WWE lost its ability to create stars. They create a star or two and then create talent for the star they create to destroy. 

The last statement I agree with, star making isn’t what it should be on the main roster.  But in Ziggler’s case, I disagree.  The guy is a fantastic wrestler and could have been used so much better than he was but the fact is he just isn’t over and the WWE audience doesn’t see him as a top guy.  If they booked him as one, people wouldn’t buy it.  It’s a problem of their own creation.

I love this Roman Reigns angle. Buddy Murphy didn’t look horrible in his match with Reigns. But where does Samoa Joe fit in if he’s a heel? I thought he was turning face but it doesn’t look that way. Yet, I still see that Reigns and Joe may team against Bryan and Rowan. I would love a complex storyline. Do you think we get one or do you think this ends up getting watered down?  

What I am hoping is that WWE has changed direction a bit and are not rushing Joe’s turn.  If that is the case, I like it.  Things that develop over time tend to resonate a lot more that hot shot angles.  Look at it logically, why would Joe suddenly be a good guy?  He wouldn’t!  There should be a story that leads to his change of heart.  It shouldn’t be sudden.  If they can make the fans want it, really want it, it makes it so much better when it happens.

A long time ago, Bam Bam Bigelow turned in Shane Douglas and won the ECW World title before eventually reuniting with Shane Douglas as members of the Triple Threat. I see money in a Big E feud with Kofi Kingston. I think it would be very emotional. Is it time to breakup the New Day briefly and logically being them back together in a moment of respect, making them even stronger in the process?

Maybe down the road but right now, Kofi’s reign still needs work.  It was clear at SummerSlam that the crowd wasn’t behind him or Randy Orton.  Turning E right now would just be reactionary.  If they can get Kofi over, so that the fans really love him, then they turn E, it would be a good shock as opposed to just a random one.  It should also happen when E doesn’t have a Title so there is a good storyline reason for him to be jealous of Kofi.  Also remember, New Day sells merchandise so that has to factor into the thought process.

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