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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-18 10:00:00

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You guys reported that NXT to FS1 was a done deal, with the show starting there later this year. Now you are saying they are talking to USA.  What happened to your first report?  If it was a done deal to FS1, they couldn’t be talking to USA.

First and foremost we NEVER reported that NXT to FS1 was a done deal, never.  We mentioned that while other outlets were reporting that, we couldn’t confirm it.  Obviously, we couldn’t confirm it because in fact, it was not a done deal.  We do our very best to make sure that a story is factual before reporting it, and we couldn’t confirm that NXT was definitely going to FS1.  You must have read that somewhere else, so feel free to ask them about it.

Do you think NXT should move to a larger outlet?

I talked about this a lot on my hotline on Wednesday.  If it’s my call, I do not move NXT to a TV network just to compete with AEW.  I would, however, make the move if substantial financial compensation was involved.  There is some risk with moving NXT to a larger stage, which I will talk about below.  So if I am going to take that risk, it will be for a good pay day, not just to thwart an upstart competitor, even if it is owned by a billionaire.

Will it hurt the Network to lose NXT?

The main draw, as far as we know, for the Network are the PPVs.  After that, NXT programming is definitely something that engages viewers, so yes it’s important.  But if they only move TV to USA, that would mean the Network would still have the Takeover events.  Could I see WWE getting to the point where we have monthly Takeover events on the Network?  Yes, I could.  If they move to USA the goal would would to create a legitimate third brand and if they do that, I don’t see any reason why they don’t grow it by doing more Takeover events, which in theory should add more value to the Network and interest more fans.  Keep in mind, they already have the TV airing on Hulu so it’s not an exclusive at this time.

Can the creative team keep up the quality of the product if it has to serve USA the way that WWE has?

If the same team stays in charge of the product, yes they can, without a doubt in my opinion.  They do a great job of storytelling and I feel they can take that to a cable channel and keep doing what they do.  They have plenty of talent down at the PC, plus have the ability to bring in main roster workers.  Talent is not the issue.  The creative team is not the issue.  The issue is will Vince McMahon keep a hands off approach and allow those in charge now to keep doing what they are so good at.  I am sure we will see tweaks, like we did with the improved production at Takeover last week, but I think it’s really important to keep the product focused the way that it is now.

How will it affect AEW if NXT is competing with them on USA?

If I am part of AEW, I wouldn’t want NXT on any station going against me on Wednesdays.  NXT is much closer in product to what AEW will do, so it should cause a bigger decision for the viewer over which to watch live, and which to record.  It could really hurt AEW coming out of the box to have to compete.  If it were with NXT on a lesser network, that would be tough.  USA draws more viewers than TNT so that would be a harder fight for AEW.  Remember, at the end of the day NXT doesn’t have to make significant money.  It’s where WWE creates their stars of tomorrow, learning from stars of today.  Any revenue it brings in is largely a bonus.  AEW isn’t in that position so going up against NXT, in a battle for eyeballs (and thus ad dollars) head-to-head, would not be a great scenario for them.

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