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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-17 10:00:00

Why didn't AAA wait until later to see if they could fill Madison Square Garden?

This is later.  The show is in less than four weeks as of this writing.  It would have been a massive empty cavern the likes we have not seen since Herb Abrams' Blackjack Brawl.  They were smart to move to the Theater.

Does this mean pro wrestling is done in The Garden beyond WWE?

No, I can see AEW trying to run there one day.  I think what it means is that unless you have the ability to sell tickets in the Garden, you shouldn't even try to run there.  It's an expensive undertaking.

With the talk of NXT expanding, what does this mean for NXT UK and other brands?

Currently, nothing that we know.  I don't suspect NXT UK will be changed except for perhaps some talents being pulled over to NXT if they need more talent.  It's possible this could accelerate plans for a new brand to be created to help fill the void on the WWE Network, if there is even a void.  For all we know, there will be a one hour version of NXT TV that remains on the Network while another version appears elsewhere.  

I am worried about the potential of NXT expanding - could this be the end of NXT as we know it as it turns into ECW on Syfy?

I don't think that would happen, but there's going to be change.  If they go from a show housed on the WWE Network (where they can do whatever they want) to a show that has to live and die by the overnight ratings, there will certainly be changes in how things are structured.  It's possible Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn have a stronger influence, but I caution to wait and see what happens before anyone freaks out.  It's been Triple H's baby and his team knows how to run things for NXT.  This is what they have been groomed to do - so to me, it's more likely their chance to show they are ready for the next generation to run things.  I REALLY HOPE Vince, who has said he can't be "in the weeds" anymore suddenly decides he has to be "in the weeds" for NXT.  Triple H already is.  Let him do his thing.

Where is Sheamus?

He's been on set for the WWE Main Event film and we are told if heading Malaysia this week for WWE promotional work. 


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