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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-16 10:00:00

Whatever happened to Norvell Austin?

We are told he is living in Florida.  I don't believe he has made a pro wrestling-related appearance in decades.

Back in the 1980s, I would go with my parents to WWF shows and I would always get the WWF ice cream bars. My question is this - did WWF bring the ice cream bars in themselves to sell or would the Arenas bring them in? I would get them from people walking around selling them, but who made the call to have the ice cream bars at the shows? How were they delivered? Did WWF have refrigerated trucks that traveled with them?

I am at a loss over answers for a lot of this, but I am pretty sure WWE did not deliver the ice cream themselves.  Good Humor had the rights to the bars, so my guess is that they were shipped regionally to certain venues, where they were then sold by the venue itself, not by WWE.  However, if anyone has any knowledge on this, feel free to email me!

Why doesn't WWE bring the ice cream bars back?

They licensed them to Good Humor.  It's on that company to decide they want to resume the license and bring it back.  I don't think it will happen, since all the craziness around CM Punk wanting the ice cream bars back years ago didn't result in it happening.

When Impact tapes in Mexico, do they have to pay Mexican taxes on what they make on the show?

I would assume that to be the case for the live gate, but if you mean their revenue from the series airing, no.

Does WWE own the rights to Central States Wrestling?

I don't believe they do, but if there was a library out there, I am sure they would consider acquiring it for the right price, just as they did the WWC library most recently.

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