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By Shannon Walsh on 2019-08-16 10:02:00

Impact Wrestling TV tapings from Mexico City, Mexico on 8/15/19:

Eddie Edwards beat Jake Something/”Big Nasty” Cousin Jake.

Jordynne Grace and Rosemary beat Faby Apache and Vanilla Vargas.

Moose beat Fallah Bahh.

Su Yung beat Jessicka Havok.

Nino Hamburguesa and Big Mami beat The Desi Hit Squad.

Taya Valkyrie beat Alisha Edwards.

Michael Elgin beat Rhino in a Street Fight which was a big brawl. They used chairs and a table among the weapons.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann beat The Rascalz.

RVD beat Mad Man Fulton.

Golden Magic won a 4-Way over Trey Miguel, Taurus, and T.J. Perkins.

Tag Team Champions The North beat LAX. 

Dave and Jake Crist beat Tommy Dreamer and Tessa Blanchard in a Street Fight with help from Sami Callihan and Mad Mad Fulton. RVD and Rhino came out to even things up after. Tessa, Dreamer, RVD, and Rhino vs. Callihan, Fulton, and OVE was advertised for tomorrow night.

There were a couple of adjustments on the card. Su Yung vs. Havok was originally listed for tomorrow night’s tapings. The debut of Tenille Dashwood vs. Keira Hogan was advertised for tonight but it did not take place (maybe tomorrow?).

Impact Wrestling tapes in Mexico City again tonight.

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