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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-13 10:02:00

Our friends at www.IndpendentWrestling.TV announced the following:


If you're looking for an introduction to independent wrestling, IWTV has you covered!

Now available on your Android and iPhone devices, IWTV is excited to announce a new partnership with Ground Zero (San Diego, CA) and Prestige Wrestling (Portland, OR) as part of our upcoming live streaming schedule!

Let's take a look at where you'll be able to catch independent wrestling streaming live on IWTV!

Streaming Live (All start times are listed in EDT)

  • Friday August 16th at 9PM - Freelance Wrestling
  • Sunday August 18th at 2PM - Women's Wrestling Revolution
  • Friday August 23rd at 10:30PM - Xtremely Serious Wrestling
  • Saturday August 24th at 5:30PM - Black Label Pro
  • Saturday September 7th at 3PM - CHIKARA
  • Friday September 13th at 8PM - St Louis Anarchy
  • Friday September 20th at 8PM - ICW NY
  • Friday September 20th - Freelance Wrestling
  • Saturday September 21st at 2PM - Black Label Pro
  • Saturday September 21st at 5:30PM - Black Label Pro
  • Sunday September 22nd at 3PM - Beyond Wrestling
  • Saturday September 28th at 11PM - Ground Zero
  • Sunday September 29th at 9PM - Prestige Wrestling

More to be announced (no, really, we're still adding more events!)

We'll keep you updated with full event previews at

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