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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-15 10:00:00

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In light of several Smackdown scripts or plans being torn up by Vince and rewritten on Tuesday afternoon, how does the writing and approval process work?  When does writing for the next show begin?  How many individuals review and approve the scripts?  Is Vince part of the process prior to Tuesday?  If yes, why is he trashing plans he had previously approved?  And finally, for as much as we criticize the creative team, what do these day-of-show rewrites do the morale of the writers?  I think it would be very discouraging, frustrating, and ulcer-inducing, to see your work scrapped, and immediately have to write new material, all while knowing that you MUST work quickly since show time is in a few short hours.

Usually, there is a home and away team for the creative team.  While the away team is on the road, the home team remains in Stamford and begins working on ideas to pitch to WWE, writing a very early draft of the TV show.  It constantly changes until they are on the air.  It is an extremely hard, grueling job and of those I know who have been in that position, it can be a hard grind, as any job in the entertainment business is.  Your morale can certainly take a beating if your ideas are rejected or not used, but at the end of the day, one person gets to make the final call and you know that walking into the job.

Whatever happened to the lawsuit over Randy Ortons' tattoos being in a video game?

That lawsuit is still active and is currently slated to go to trial in April 2020, unless, of course, the two sides opt to settle the issue legally.

When WWE Raw first premiered it was held in smaller to midsized arenas.  With the trouble wwe is having filling, or half filling,  arenas do you think they need to start running smaller arenas again?

It's possible they could decide to do so, but given the great amounts of money they are getting for TV rights, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Pyro was back for Summerslam!  Do you think this will be a regular thing going forward?

If I was WWE, I'd do it for the stadium events and the big signature shows only, just to make those events seem *that much* grander.

Did I just see still Shayna Baszler selling a shoulder injury from her NXT title match during the WWE watch party. Yet Seth Rollins essentially no sold all that damage Brock did to him during Raw, still showing the same agility and moves during and after his match? It's almost as though NXT wrestlers have a mindset that they are fully invested and some main roster wrestlers take it for granted that they are on the bigger show.

Yes, you did.  It may be that Seth was told to not sell as much or Baszler was told specifically to sell her should injury.  They work on different brands and there are different ways they are presented and different ideals that are pushed upon them.  It could always just be that in the heat of the moment, Rollins forgot to sell, although he did a good job selling after he hit the frog splash.  Not everything is always 100% perfect in performance and execution.

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