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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-14 10:00:00

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So what’s going to be the payoff with Dolph Ziggler? What’s the point of his character right now? 

Honestly?  He’s a high end enhancement talent.  He’s there to put people over not to get any real push of his own.  Maybe that isn’t what they tell him but it sure is what he has become.  He talks a lot, then loses.

So first they take the app away from my AppleTV, then my Samsung TV, and now I can't mirror my tablet to either while using the Network... and then I have issues all night (both when I started watching "from the beginning" and it kept freezing and skipping to live, and I eventually said "hell with it" and went to "live") while I'm trying to watch SummerSlam on an iPad because this is my only option. How exactly is this an "upgrade"? If they were going to do this, why not start with a minor show like Extreme Rules last month, or Clash of Champions next month? Why risk a train wreck and pissing people off during your 2nd biggest show of the year? 

Second thing first, I agree that rolling the new tech out for SummerSlam wasn’t a great idea.  I had a few snafus with it on Takeover, but when they traffic pounded the system for SummerSlam, there were a lot of problems for me early on.  Once the show got rolling, they went away for me but I agree, it made for a bad experience, no doubt.  I do wish they would have done it last month and worked the bugs out.  They signed on with the new company back in January so timing shouldn’t have been an issue.  With that said, I don’t blame them for going forward with technology and moving on from the support of older systems.  There is work involved with keeping older systems working and they chose to no long put money into doing that, as other tech companies do as well.  As someone that owns a newer Apple TV 4K I am very happy with how much better the viewing experience is.  If that had to be done at the expense of older devices, I guess it’s a trade off that they were OK with making.  It does suck for the people with older devices though, for sure.

Far as the show itself: I was struck by the dichotomy between Goldbergs return and Trish's. Goldberg went out there and "took", Trish gave. Trish is a REAL hall of famer. Went out, worked hard, give back to both the fans and the business, paid it forward, still got her pop, but put the people who still have to go out there and work tomorrow night in a better place. She's in the "MJ" zone, where there may be "better" who come along, but there'll never be another her. Meanwhile, Goldbergs a guy past his "prime" (and I say "prime" that way because in his prime his work sucked, he couldn't talk, he never improved at all, he was a product of the machine because he was in the right place at the right time with the right look who was VERY lucky to have the career he had and make the money he did) who showed up for a check and an ego feeding, and whether things are better or worse for anyone else going forward "...meh? Not my problem, I got to hear my name chanted!". Good job Bill, this match was way better than the last one, you didn't almost kill anyone out there this time. Anyway, so Trish retired, any chance this was the last time we saw Goldberg in the ring too? Please? 

OK so it’s pretty clear you detest Goldberg.  You don’t even try to hide it.  That’s fine but you know what?  You are making a bad comparison.  In Trish’s match, she was taking on arguably the top female wrestler in the company and the world.  If she beat her, it would be a really bad call because it would mean Charlotte may be good but she can’t beat a retired mom.  In Goldberg’s case, he was taking on, as I said above, an enhancement talent.  Dolph is what he is, but he isn’t going to carry the banner for WWE.  He’s an enhancement guy, and a really good one.  So, to give the crowd a feel good moment that it clearly wanted, he was sacrificed to Goldberg.  I think WWE made the right call in both scenarios.

My news feed keeps showing that NXT will be on FS1 sometime in the fall but I haven't read it on your site to confirm if it's factual. Is this true? If so what's gonna replace it on the WWE Network? 

The reason we haven’t reported it as a fact is because we have not been able to confirm that it’s a fact at this time, though other outlets are saying it’s a done deal.  I can’t comment on their reports.  All I can say is that the rumor has been going around for a while that the show would happen, with some people in the AEW camp thinking WWE will do it to give them competition when they debut on TNT in October.  If WWE does do it, I would think (and hope) it’s being done for a good financial payday, and competing with AEW would just be a nice byproduct.  Until it’s announced, I can’t say what, if anything, would replace it on the WWE Network.  We are getting very close to the Fall so if it’s going to happen, I would expect it will be announced soon.

Huh, Roman steam rolling Bryan...  Yeah that will make the fans happy...  Sure...

Come on man, change with the times.  As I write this on Monday you are forgetting a few things.  For one, Bryan has turned heel and is not the loved Bryan you remember from years back (and doesn’t want to me).  Two, we haven’t even seen a match, and you are assuming a steamrolling.  Three, if WWE follows through and turns Samoa Joe heel and he joins Roman against Bryan and Erick Rowan, they will be the babyface.  Relax.

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