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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-12 10:00:00

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Vince McMahon said that WWE has moved on from blood and guts.  Then NXT used a cage with barbed wire.  Isn’t that hypocritical?

Nope, it isn’t.  Had NXT used the barbed wire to purposely cut open a wrestler, then yes it would be.  But, they only used it as a tease.  They didn’t blade or do anything like that.  A lot of people sent the same question, which surprised me.  Unless they actually DO blood and guts, it’s no different than having a car “hit” Roman Reigns.  It’s a teaser to add to a story.

Even though piledrivers have been outright banned by WWE for nearly 20 years, I've noticed Canadian Destroyers have been a common move by guys like Adam Cole and Rey Mysterio. Why does this move get a pass when the risks are pretty much the same as (or worse than) the regular version of the move?

The difference is in the head position I would guess.  If done right, the head is protected in between the legs when the move is done.  They trust Cole and Rey to do it.

Speaking of Adam Cole, can we please never have him head to the main roster? He and the rest of the Era are so, SO good and I dread to think of how badly Vince will dilute their appeal when they leave NXT. Same goes for Velveteen Dream and Shayna and Matt Riddle and...

I hear ya, I really do.  I have the same fears that you do about the talent I love in NXT.  The flip side is if they want to achieve their dream and go to the main roster, I have to hope they get their chance (and that they know what they are getting into when they do so).  The caveat is this, if NXT ascends and becomes a true third brand (or gets the TV deal on FS1 that has been rumored) then WWE should think long and hard about who they move over from the brand.

Who owns the rights to the USWA library?

That's a good question.  Last I heard there was no definitive owner of the entire library which makes it impossible to sell.

I was watching some old AWA footage and was curious to know why Verne Gagne chose to never go with Hogan as champion?  Hogan had some very good matches with Nick Bockwinkel, or had Hogan already signed with WWF?  Had Gagne chose to go with Hogan champion one could argue that the entire landscape of professional wrestling would be different than the state it is currently in today.

Verne was pretty much behind the curve.  Hogan was really hot coming out of Rocky 3.  Times were changing but he still had the old school mentality.  That was great news for the WWF because they got a lot of his prime talent.  You could argue that, sure, but I think Hogan still would have left and gone to the WWF due to the fact that Verne was way behind the times.

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