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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-08-11 13:00:00

We see highlights of Flip Gordon being offered a spot in Lifeblood at Best in the World only to find out that Flip had already joined Villain Enterprises.

Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay.

We will see Lifeblood versus Villain Enterprises in the main event.

We take a look at highlights from Dragon Lee versus Jonathan Gresham from Manhattan Mayhem.

We move ahead in the match and they exchange chops. Gresham takes off his wrist tape and he sets for a chop but since the referee was turned away, Gresham with a chop to the very lower midsection. Gresham with a kick to the arm followed by an arm drag. We move ahead and Gresham with a hammer lock using the leg but he drops back to the mat. Gresham with a single leg crab with the arms trapped and Gresham gets a near fall. Gresham has some words with the referee.

We move further into the mat and Gresham and Lee exchange chops. Gresham chokes Lee in the corner. They go to the turnbuckles and exchange slaps. Lee head butts Gresham and Gresham is trapped in the turnbuckles. Lee with a double stomp and a flying knee for a near fall.

Lee with a running knee to the head for the three count.

Winner: Dragon Lee

Quinn McKay interviews Dragon Lee after his match with Jonathan Gresham. Lee says the people know who he is and he is here to make CMLL known. People know how dedicated he is. Gersham is a great wrestler and this is the type of matches that he wants and for the people to see. He says he is making his dreams a reality in Japan and CMLL and he will do the same in ROH. He will be bringing surprises and another one is coming.

Jonathan Gresham is interviewed after the match and he is asked about his actions during the match. Gresham says if you knew anything, that is him trying to win. Lethal’s voice was ringing in his head, telling him to do things his way. Gresham says he wants the lifestyle of a champion. Lethal does not understand what it is to be at his level. Gresham says he should have done what was right but he listened to Lethal. He sarcastically thanks Lethal.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Cheeseburger, Eli Isom, and Ryan Nova training. We see a photo of the Six Man Tag Team Champions hanging up.

Ian and Quinn talk about the upcoming six man tag title match and how Isom, Cheeseburger, and Nova could pull the upset next week.

We will see Karissa Rivera versus Kelly Klein for the Women of Honor Title. We see Rivera’s victory over Sumie Sakai.

We go to comments from Karissa Rivera. She says she is here on a mission to become the best women’s wrestler in the world. That is not her right now because it is Kelly Klein and she is the Women of Honor Champion. Kelly has an impressive streak, she has never been across the ring from her. Rivera says she does not take anyone lightly. She will not take Kelly lightly. She says she has confidence in her ability to become the Women of Honor Champion. She will be bringing the fight and may the best woman win.

Quinn and Ian talk about Rhett Titus being called out by Kenny King.

We have a video feature on Rhett Titus. He says he has been wrestling in Ring of Honor his entire career. He started in 2005 at the Ring of Honor Dojo. He never wanted to be anywhere else. He mentions being part of Ladder War against the Briscoes with ANX. They put everything into the match and he talks about losing so much blood in the match. He mentions winning the Tag Titles. He says it was a great moment because of what he achieved with Kenny and to come from the bottom to make it to the top. It was a special moment.

When Kenny left Ring of Honor, Rhett says his life changed. They were champions and then it was gone. He worked with BJ Whitmer and Cliff Compton but he never had the same success. Rhett says Kenny talked to him about being a team again and it happened. They beat the Briscoes on their first night together after four years. The magic was back, but things weren’t going their way. They didn’t get the opportunities they expected and it got frustrating. They took it out on ROH when they formed the Rebellion.

Rhett decided to work with Will Ferrara when he was forced to stop tagging with Kenny King. Rhett says the Dogs were a lot of fun. Will got discouraged along the way and he took his ball and went home. It was a sad moment and Rhett was back at square one.
Rhett says he is in the best shape of his life. He has a family to fight for and he has a lot to prove. Rhett talks about fighting in front of his wife and how he had something to prove. Then to hear the things that Kenny said. He says he thought Kenny and he were family. To say those things in front of him and his wife. When somebody says something like that to you, that is one of the most disrespectful things you can do. Maybe he lost that fire. Rhett says he made a lot of mistakes in Ring of Honor, but the biggest mistake was not slapping Kenny King in Philly.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Soldiers of Savagery

Match Number One: Soldiers of Savagery versus Corey Hex and Geddy Cahoon

We see Moses and Kaun take out their opponents as they enter the ring and Kaun with a back elbow to Corey Hex. Moses grabs Geddy Cahoon and snends him into the ring post on the apron. They hit a double choke slam for the three count.

Winners: Soldiers of Savagery

Ian and Quinn talk about the Bouncers who defeated Coast 2 Coast at Manhattan Mayhem.

We go to highlights from Lowell, Massachusetts when the Briscoes faced The Bouncers for the Tag Titles.

Both teams exchange punches and forearms. Mark and Bruiser exchange chops and then Bruiser and Milonas with punches to send the champions to the mat. The Bouncers set for Last Call but Jay drop kicks Bruiser to the floor. Jay with a forearm to Milonas and Jay with a power bomb and Mark with an elbow drop for the three count.

We see all four men do a Toast of Honor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened between Villain Enterprises and Lifeblood in Philadelphia.

Match Number Two: Brody King, PCO, Flip Gordon, and Marty Scurll versus Tracy Williams, PJ Black, Bandido, and Mark Haskins

Williams and Scurll start things off. They lock up and Wililams with a waist lock and Scurll with a wrist lock. Williams with a reversal and take down. Scurll with a reversal and hammer lock. Williams with a cravate. Scurll escapes but Williams reapplies the cravate. Williams with a waist lock take down and he slaps Scurll in the back of the head. Scurll pushes Williams and Williams pushes back.

All eight men get into the ring and have a face off. The referee restores control to the match. Bandido tags in and Scrull with a knee. Bandido with a handspring flip and a head scissors followed by a drop kick. Gordon tags in. Gordon wants a test of strength, but he really wants to flip off Bandido. King tags in and Bandido goes face to chest with King. King with a chop and then King goes to the turnbuckles and hits a springboard arm drag take down. Bandido with a back elbow and King pushes Bandido away. Bandido with a super kick and ennzuigiri followed by a springboard rana. Scurll tags in and Bandido with an arm drag into an arm bar. Haskins tags in and he takes Scrull down and Haskins stomps on the arm and kicks Marty in the back.

Haskins with a wrist lock and Williams tags in. Williams with a forearm to the arm as he comes off the turnbuckles. Williams with a wrist lock. Black tags in and he comes off the turnbuckles with a chop to the arm. Bandido tags in and he hits a double stomp to the arm. Bandido with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head. Bandido gets a near fall. Haskins tags in and applies a hammer lock. Scurll with punches but Haskins holds on to an arm bar. Willimas tags in and hits an atomic drop out of a suplex attempt by Haskins. Williams with a suplex and Black with a springboard stomp for a near fall.

Black with a Billy Goat’s Curse and Williams tags in and hits a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Williams with a forearm and punch to Scurll. Scurll sends Williams to the floor and then PCO and King knock everyone else off the apron. King with a flip dive onto Williams and Haskins. Scurll chops PCO to motivate him into a back drop onto Haskins and Williams.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Scurll gets a near fall on Williams. King tags in and he chops Williams. King with another chop. PCO tags in and he hits a side slam and then PCO goes up top and hits a swanton for a near fall. PCO with a front face lock and Scurll tags in and then King tags in. PCO with a splash and King with a clothesline. Scurll with a running European uppercut. King and PCO with a double choke slam and King gets a near fall.

Gordon tags in and he kicks Williams. Gordon with chops and he chokes Williams in the corner. Williams blocks a kick and chops Scurll and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Bandido tags in and hits a twisting splash to Scurll. King catches Bandido on a springboard cross body and King gets Bandido on his shoulders. Bandido gets to the mat and King with a chop. King goes for a shoulder and hits the ring post. PCO misses a splash. Bandido catches PCO off the turnbuckles and hits a power slam. Bandido goes up top and hits a twisting splash onto Scurll, PCO, and King. Gordon tries to bring a chair into the ring and Williams takes it.

Williams chases Gordon to the back. Scurll with a rollup for a near fall. Scurll with a running European uppercut. Scurll with a clothesline.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Scurll and Bandido are down. King and Haskins tag in and Haskins avoids King and PCO. Haskins with kicks to both men. King chops Haskins and then they go for a double choke slam. King and PCO go over the top rope to the floor. Haskins holds back on a dive when PCO and King move but Haskins hits suicide dives on both men. Scurll kicks Haskins. Black super kicks Scurll off the apron. King clotheslines Black over the top rope. Williams with strikes to King followed by a knee and then he goes for a power bomb but King backs Williams into the turnbuckles. King hits the turnbuckles when Williams moves. Williams with a missile drop kick. Williams with a drop kick through the ropes. Everyone brawls on the floor except for PCO, who goes up top and hits a moonsault onto everyone on the floor.

Bandido with a kick to PCO on the apron and Bandido with a sunset flip power bomb to PCO on the apron. Haskins with knees and kicks to King. King with a boot and forearm. King with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. King signals that it is over and he sets for a Ganso Bomb but Haskins escapes. Black with a kick and then Haskins kicks Scurll and King. Bandido with a 21Plex. Black with a springboard 450 splash for the three count.

Winners: PJ Black, Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams, and Bandido

We go to credits.



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