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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-10 22:20:00

Major League Wrestling just revealed on their weekly TV series that they have entered into a working relationship with The Crash promotion in Mexico.

The Crash is a lucha libre promotion based out of Tijuana that was formed in 2011 and is generally considered the third largest promotion in Mexico behind AAA and CMLL.  The promotion's current champion is Rey Horus and their Tag Team Champions are LA Park and Hijo del LA Park, all of whom currently work for MLW.  The relationship makes a lot of sense given the talent shared between promotions.  You can expect MLW talents to head to Tijuana regularly.

MLW's Salina de la Renta works behind the scenes as a liason to Mexico and was very involved in putting the deal together.  There will be additional information on the working relationship released over the next day or so.

MLW announced a working relationship with Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH last month.


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