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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-11 09:23:00

Gotta be honest, I am psyched.  NXT does it so well.

They opened hot in the building with a cool montage on the Tron.  The crowd is fired up and we are live!

Mauro, Beth and Nigel are your announcers.  I am betting there is nowhere else they would rather be tonight.

14,735 in the house in Toronto.  We are opening with The Street Profits defending their Tag Titles against Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly.  Champs are out first and are way over.  The building looks awesome.  NXT is big time.

The challengers are out next.  Big pop for their music.  This crowd is live folks.

The fans are split, in a good way, for the teams.

The champs were in control early, looking good.  Montez is a star in the making and Dawkins has gotten really good.  The Era then used the double team to get the advantage.

Era made Ford watch the beat down.  He is not happy.

Ford got the hot tag and got stopped before ghe could the People's Elbow.  So, he did the Rock Bottom on Bobby Fish instead.  Fans are chanting Rocky.  Like I said, Ford has breakout star written all over him.

The Era, of course, came backl.  The fans are loving it and chanting it's awesome.  I am loving it too.

Ford came back but got crotched and Fish hit a Super Explored and Kyle did a knee across the back of his knee and put on the Achilles lock.  Ford is trying to get to the ropes but Fish came in and stopped him.  Dawkins them came in and wasted Kyle, and the fans chanted NXT!

Dawk came in and used Kyle as a prop.  He is cleaning house.  Did I mention he has gotten really good?

He ran into a Kyle knee but Ford made the tag and hit a blockbuster from the top.  Fish broke it up.  This is fantastic.

The fans are loving this.  As they should.

After a lot of abuse Montez and Kyle are in there.  Until Ford did a flying senton over the top to the floor.

When they got back in Ford came off the top and scored the pin to retain the Titles!  Great stuff to start the show!  The ERA won't be leaving with all of the gold tonight.

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae is next.

Io out first, looking like a total heel.  Let's see if she wrestles like one.

Candice is out next.  She did the female Johnny happy to be there entrance for a second and then just went and attacked Io.  Io ran. Candice followed.  It's on!

Io put Candice through the ringside table.  She is working heel.  Candice is working hurt and Io is beating her down.

Io kept abusing her but LeRae kept fighting back. Until Io missed a missile drop kick. Candice fired back. 

Io went for 619 but got caught and nailed with a neck breaker .  Two count only. 

Candice hit some sweet moves. She is shining. 

They were amazing in their back and forth before Io finally put Candice to sleep. 

For anyone who wondered about LeRae, wonder no more. She can go. She showed herself to be just like her husband. All heart. Io got the win but there were no losers here. Great, great stuff. 

Before the next match the bro came out of the crowds. He called out Killian Dain. Cool!

Dain came out of the crowd too. 

They had an insane brawl all around the building. It ended with them all in a pile on the floor. Great stuff. Dain and Bro tore it up. 

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