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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-13 10:00:00

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I like the Iiconics as a team, but having not defended the women's tag belts for about 4 months since winning them, the titles were essentially wasted on them.  Do you think it was a mistake to not have them drop the titles to Asuka and Kairi in Japan?

Considering WWE didn't plan on making them the champions, no.  Plus it was a house show.  In the world of TV is everything for WWE, I get why they had the belts change at Raw.

What do you think of the run the Iiconics had as champions?

Honestly?  I think WWE creative shortchanged them badly.  Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are great at portraying their characters but they are also quite capable in the ring.  I wish WWE would have allowed them to show more of what they are able to do.

A couple of weeks back, an item about NWA and ROH going their separate ways included Billy Corgan’s saying that he wanted to devote his efforts to getting a weekly TV show up and running “next year.” Do you think that’s feasible now, given that AEW, MLW, Impact, ROH and WWE already flood the market? And is there enough name talent to carry a weekly show? Thanks.

I think there is as long as the people behind the project are good creatively.  Look at ECW, they didn't have New Japan's roster but Paul Heyman did a great job of making people we didn't know matter.  He made us care about them and by extension, his product.  You don't need a roster of five star wrestlers to be a success.  Characters and storylines are what drive the business to higher levels.

I was looking at the card for the upcoming WWC Anniversary show and saw Primo & Epico are both in top spots in the show. I’m guessing WWE allows them to work the show because Carlos Colon has always worked closely with WWE, but how come WWE doesn’t advertise 2 of their wrestlers main eventing a fairly big show?

To be blunt, because there is nothing in it for them.  They are way up here in the pantheon.  Everyone else is under them.  So in their world all that matters is what they are doing.  They are correct to approach it that way.

Why has Baron Corbin been off TV since Extreme Rules?

He is in between programs, or at least pushed to the back burner.  Once Brock Lesnar took Seth Rollins' Title so that they could work at SummerSlam, Corbin was the odd man out.  He didn't fit in the storyline.  He's still working house shows and i expect we will see him get a storyline after SummerSlam.

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