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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-11 10:00:00

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I have an older Apple TV that says no longer supports WWE network.  That was the last couple of months which I understand was through he update.  So what I was doing was watching on my iPad and mirroring it to the Apple TV.  But now when watching on the iPad I don’t see the function or option to mirror to the Apple TV.  Do you happen to know anything about this?

I would guess that WWE has removed the ability to stream to an older Apple TV device from their app as well since the old device is no longer supported.

Driving a forklift isn’t easy. You can actually obtain a certification for it. It should not be taken up by just anyone. Smackdown has a new Executive Director, Eric Bischoff. Could there be a little nepotism going on here? Did Bischoff hire his nephew, Eugene, to work backstage?!? I think I’m onto something here.

You made a typo.  Instead of onto something you meant to say ON something.

What did you make of Cody’s recent statement about not aiming for casual fans to catch their TV show but more focused on catering to their current fan base? I sound like a broken record but I honestly cant see a 2 hour ‘great wrestling’ show appealing to big numbers. If it did, ROH, NJPW or even NXT would be on air.

I have said the exact same thing about a pure wrestling show, many times.  If you don't have good characters and angles, it will always be a niche product.  I am hoping what Cody meant was that they will continue to do what they have done because it's worked so far.  If he really believes he doesn't need to attract people who don't know about the product already, that would be downright scary.

Based on recent TV, are we heading towards Dolph Ziggler vs HBK at Crown Jewell 2?

Well, hopefully Goldberg ends that discussion tonight.  I really don't think Shawn wants to wrestle at this point, especially given what he said after his last Saudi match, but a huge payday could sway him I guess.

I have noticed over the past several weeks Corey Graves says something ridiculous and then seems to start legit busting out laughing (i.e., Alexa worried about getting Scurvy, calling a jobber a name from a dead 70s or 80s rock star, etc.). There have been a few times where he and Renee appear to legitimately crack up, and I have to say I find it enjoyable. My question - do you think this is because they are being scripted on what to say and then can't control themselves at the ridiculousness? Either way, it's entertaining to

As Tazz talked about on Twitter last week, the announcers aren't 100 percent scripted the way that the talent is.  Sure, Vince will tell them things to say in their headsets during the shows, but they also have a lot of leeway to take the discussion in whatever direction they think makes sense.  I wish the wrestlers had that option.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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