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By Dave M. on 2019-08-10 01:22:00

WWE NXT on the night before Takeover: Toronto at Riverworks. It's a cool venue with a balcony on the side of the ring. The acoustics are horrible here (it's a huge former factory with a very industrial vibe) so it's hard to understand what is being said on the mic.

-Damian Priest defeated Isaiah Scott in a great opener. The crowd was behind both guys.

 -Tegan Nox lost to Io Shirai. Crowd was really into Io. Negan was beatdown after the match until Io was chased off by Candace LeRae. 

-Jordan Myles defeated Cameron Grimes. 

-Street Profits came out to entertain the crowd. They were way over. A loud Undisputed chant broke out Undisputed (Kyle and Fish) came out.  A chant of Street Profit/Undisputed broke out. They pushed their Takeover match. They teased a match. Street Profits exited through the crowd.

-Kushida lost to Jaxson Ryder.

-Matt Riddle vs. Pete Dunne in the match of the night/Takeover quality.   Whenever Riddle was in control, a huge "Goldberg" chant broke out . Riddle hit the Jackhammer for the pin but Killian Dane ran out broke up the cover, causing a DQ. Riddle and Dane clothesline Kane out of the ring together. Riddle and Dunne shook hands afterwards.

-Tyler Breeze and Fandango defeated The Forgotten Sons (Cutler & Blake) - Ryker was at ringside interfering every chance he had.  The ref finally caught on and tossed him out.

-Mia Yim defeated Bianca Belair . After the match Shayna Bazler came out on the entrance stage holding up the title, previewing tomorrow's title bout.

-Velveteen Dream defeated Roderick Strong in an amazing match with a lot of close pins.

Crowd was hot all night. No Adam Cole though....lots of Bay Bay shirts.


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