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By Stuart Carapola on 2019-08-09 22:53:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of ROH Summer Supercard!

We start with a ten bell salute, then we go to our hosts Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman, who run down the card before sending us to the ring for our first match...

PCO and Brody King vs TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia

PCO and O'Ryan start us off as O'Ryan unloads on PCO with some punches and chops, but a vertical suplex attempt totally fails, and PCO easily powers him up into a twisting side suplex, followed by a leaping baseball slide.  King comes in and goes at it with Marseglia, who is easily run over by a shoulderblock from King.  They trade forearms in the middle of the ring and King takes Marseglia's head off with a clothesline, backdrops O'Ryan, and tags PCO in.  They double team the Kingdom until Marseglia and O'Ryan double flapjack PCO onto the top turnbuckle, and now they have the match firmly in hand.  O'Ryan pulls the heel move of the century by jamming his thumb into PCO's bad eye, then does it again while the referee escorts King back to the apron.  PCO starts to fire back, so O'Ryan tops himself by sticking the thumb in PCO's good eye.  PCO has had enough, unloads on O'Ryan, and makes the tag to King, who comes in and absolutely destroys both members of the Kingdom.  O'Ryan and Marseglia go to the floor, King takes them out with a dive, then attempts to monkey flip PCO onto the Kingdom, but PCO misses completely and goes splat.  We pretend that didn't happen and go back into the ring where PCO hits a pop-up powerbomb for 2. PCO charges Marseglia, who sidesteps and sends PCO sailing through the ropes onto King.  The Kingdom runs their mouth at the Bouncers on the floor, then the fight comes back into the ring where O'Ryan plants PCO with a spinebuster and Marseglia hits a top rope headbutt for 2.  King comes in and hits O'Ryan with the gonzo bomb, then PCO comes off the top with the moonsault for the win.

Winners: PCO & Brody King

Good opener, though I worry every time I see PCO take one of those bumps.  The Kingdom gets in the Bouncers' faces after the match and a brawl breaks out, as referees run out to separate them.

Rhett Titus is welcomed to the broadcast booth and congratulated for reproducing again, then we head back to the ring...

Silas Young vs PJ Black

Silas Young comes out in street clothes with a bottle of Jack and says he got a message from a bored fan who marked out over the five star match he wants them to have, and he says he doesn't care what the internet marks say.  Silas says he already beat PJ, he's a two-time former ROH TV Champion, a Survival of the Fittest finalist, a Tag Wars winner, and as far as he's concerned, the subject is closed.  Silas drops the mic, grabs his booze, and walks off.  PJ gets the mic and says he came here to wrestle tonight, and maybe one of the guys backstage who isn't booked can come out and join him in the ring.  Some music hits, and we have our opponent...

PJ Black vs Marty Scurll

Fast paced start to the match, and a back and forth ends when Scurll dropkicks Black in the chest.  Black with a standing leg lariat and a springboard crossbody for 2.  Black catches Scurll with a small package for 2, then immediately takes him down with a clothesline.  Black with an abdominal stretch and then sets Scurll up for a super Frankensteiner, Scurll shoves him off, but Black runs up and hits it on the second attempt, then hits a moonsault for 2.  Scurll folds Black in half with a German suplex, knocks him to the floor with a charging European uppercut, and hits a baseball slide.  Back into the ring where Scurll hits a tornado DDT for 2.  Scurll turns Black inside out with a hard clothesline, then nearly breaks him in half with a snap foldover powerbomb for 2.  Scurll goes to the ropes and Black hitsa C4 for 2, then springboard moonsault off the top gets 2.  Black goes for the springboard moonsault again, Scurll gets the feet up, Black superkicks him, Scurll superkicks his knee out, Scurll snaps his fingers, and Black gets a backslide for 2.  Scurll sunset flip for 2, reversals abound, and Black drills Scurll with a superkick.  Scurll hits the Black Plague for the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll

Well, who else would that finisher be more effective against?  Great match and I have to agree with Titus, who says he'd love to see a rematch.

Women of Honor Title Match: Kelly Klein vs Tasha Steelz

Fast paced starting flurry with neither lady able to get an advantage.  Steelz uses her speed to outmaneuver Klein and dropkicks her into the corner, but Klein easily counters a monkey flip to a spinebuster.  Klein ties Steelz down with a rear chinlock, then unloads with forearms and chops in the corner before Steelz catches Klein with a flying headscissors.  Klein regains control right away with a big boot, Steelz unloads with some chops and punches, but Klein plows through her with a running crossbody in the corner.  Steelz dropkicks Klein to the floor and trips going through the ropes on a dive, but still manages to connect with Klein.  Back into the ring where they trade forearms, then do it some more, and then some more, and Klein hits a front DDT.  Klein with a fallaway slam, then a belly to back suplex that drops Steelz right on her head.  Klein with a German suplex for 2, Steelz hits a Diamond Cutter, but Klein makes it to the ropes before Steelz can make a cover.  Steelz gets a sleeper instead, Klein snapmares her way out, and Klein hits the cradle shock driver for the win.

Winner: Kelly Klein

Match was okay, and Steelz looked good for someone so fresh in the business.  Angelina Love hits the ring after the match and gives both ladies Botox Injections (the move, not the cosmetic surgery).  She holds up the Women of Honor Title, then tosses it on top of Klein before strolling off.

The show continues on Page 2!

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